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Finding A Foreign Mail Order Bride Online

foreign mail order brides

Finding a girlfriend for dating or mail order brides for marriage is a new challenge in the 21st century. All over the world people are obsessed with their careers, do not look forward to commitment or are not suitable for family life. So how can, let’s say, a 30-year-old American man find a bride? The one who would be caring, supportive, interested in having children and have strong family values?

Many men have become bachelors simply because they couldn’t find a perfect match among women in their home countries. Desperately trying to find love among their friends, at speed-dating, on social media or elsewhere, they gave up. But we are here to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Mail-order bride services[1] can help any man – no matter where he comes from, how much he earns, what his lifestyle is – to meet the woman of his dreams.

Here you will find who you are looking for – a woman interested in dating or even marriage with you. But before you start your search, let us tell you a bit more about mail order brides.

How do mail order bride services work?

Step 1/5: Choose a perfect dating platform

Picking the right online dating website is a big part of your success. It is vital to register only on a platform that has proven to be trustworthy and provide you with the mild prices and good services. Read some expert reviews before you sign up anywhere – it can guarantee you bigger chances on choosing a good website.

Step 2/5: Create your profile photo

It takes some effort to present you at your best online. Think of filling in your dating profile properly as it significantly influences your dating results. Try to show mail order brides that you can make a decent party: tell some good things about yourself, but be honest, describe your interests and goals, and don’t forget to add some nice pictures of you!

Step 3/5: Make the move

Women for marriage do like chivalry, even if it all happens online. So, don’t hesitate to write to women first! Use the functions of ‘winking’ or liking their pictures if these are available, make compliments, – all in all, be active on a dating platform. It is an effective strategy that definitely leads to success.

Step 4/5: Choose your woman

Although it is a good idea to talk to many women first, sooner or later comes the moment when you figure out which one of them is your perfect one. Focus on her and take your communication to the next level: find the ways to video chat and make your interaction as close to real life as possible.

Step 5/5: It’s time to meet!

After all, there comes the time when you and your lady meet. You can come to your mail-order bride’s country (she would appreciate such a gesture for sure), or invite her to your state, which will also be a nice adventure. Think of the ways to make your mail order bride comfortable and happy. And remember that the first real-life date matters a lot: it can even push you to marriage!

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Mail order brides by region

What is a mail order bride? Short and clear definition

mail-order bride is a woman who seeks a husband from overseas through best mail order brides sites. Usually, it’s a single or divorced woman of any age, with or without a child, who has turned to a marriage agency and registered on a mail order bride site. Her profile appears in catalogs of such sites, visited by single men searching for love. Simply put, it is a woman who has publicly declared that she is ready for marriage with a foreigner.

It is extremely difficult to estimate how many mail-order brides are out there today. But research shows that in the late 1990s there were around 10,000 marriages per year between mail order brides and men who used mail-order bride services. Out of them, there were 4,000 American men, the other 6,000 were Canadians, Europeans, Australians, and Japanese. [2]

Nowadays, the number of international marriages and mail-order brides is growing larger. Why? Because the world is becoming more globalized, the technology speeds up the communication between potential lovers across borders while new laws allow couples to get married faster.

History of mail order brides

The word «mail-order bride» for the first time appeared in the mid-1800s on the American frontier. Men went there to reap the benefits of the Gold Rush, but there were no women for marriage. Americans mailed churches in the East to request brides and also published personals in newspapers. Of course, many single women got interested, so they were responding by sending letters and personal photos. That’s why these brides were named «mail-order brides» – they were «ordered» via mailing.

At first, it was an intra-American phenomenon, but in the 20th century, more international couples appeared. Women from developing countries were looking for husbands in developed ones and vice versa. The spread of media helped mail-order brides and bachelors find each other through personals.

With the advent of the Internet, many mail order wife sites appeared, so now anyone has a real chance to find a partner in any part of the world much faster and at a much cheaper price. 

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Where do mail-order brides come from? Best countries with mail order brides

best foreign women to marry

If in the 1990s and earlier mail-order brides were predominantly from developing countries, and they were looking for husbands in developed ones, nowadays the situation has changed. There are many more variations at present. Foreign brides can come from transit or developed countries as well.

Despite greater variations, the larger picture shows that mail order wives typically come from Asian countries (Eastern Asia, South Asia, Western Asia), former Soviet countries (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) and Latin America (South America and the Caribbeans).

On the different mail order brides websites, you can find catalogs of a site with women from any part of the world and any country – China, Japan, South Korea, India, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and so on. This is the place where you can find beautiful and caring wives.

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Pros & cons of mail order brides

What are the advantages and disadvantages of finding a mail order wife abroad?

Pros of mail order brides

  • Wider choice of single women
  • Much higher chances of meeting your soulmate
  • Continuing assistance from bride agencies
  • Mail-order wives are for sure interested in marriage and will not play around
  • Divorce rate between mail order brides and foreign men is lower than in typical marriages
  • Possibility to travel abroad and learn a new language
  • Beautiful children in international marriage

Cons of mail order brides

  • Long-distance relationship
  • A mail-order bride may not speak your language
  • One has to be aware of online scammers

How do mail order bride agencies work?

International bride agencies or international marriage agencies are services that introduce foreign men to foreign brides. Women usually come to the offices of such agencies, have an interview, tell what they want and who they are looking for, hence, these agencies help them create attractive profiles. Some of such agencies work only online and conduct personality verification by IDs, email and mobile phone.

Men rarely turn to such agencies directly but they register on mail order bride sites which work independently or are run by such agencies. Bachelors can request various services from them apart from being introduced to foreign women online. For example, here are some of the marriage agencies and mail order brides services:

  1. Provide interpreters and translators
  2. Arrange first dates between mail order brides and foreign men
  3. Ensure the delivery of gifts and flowers to women
  4. Facilitate romance tours so that men and women could meet each other in person at parties

There is no other answer than that such services are simply effective. Mail order bride services give people what they want – connection with other people, guarantees of meeting someone new for romantic endeavors, continued support and provision of dating tips and advice, etc.

We think that it is much easier to find your partner on a mail order brides site than on social media. Why? Because on social media you never know if the person is real or interested in a serious relationship or marriage. Also, you may not see all the information you are curious about in the person’s social media account.

By contrast, on mail order bride sites you can see mostly identified users (their accounts are verified with the help of IDs or at least email), their romantic intentions are usually clear, and profiles are full of information that may interest a potential partner (from physical parameters to lifestyle and habits).

Other mail order bride services include:

  1. Reviewing popular mail order bride sites
  2. Provision of information about countries of mail order brides’ origin
  3. Compilation of dating tips in general and for certain countries is a site that does all of this and helps single men find foreign brides faster.

Yes, mail-order brides are legal and they have nothing to do with human trafficking if you were concerned about this. One cannot buy a mail-order bride. Foreign brides are women who decide to seek husbands overseas by their own will . Who can stop them from doing so? No one.

So yes, mail-order brides are legal, in particular, in the US. Two Acts in the US regulate and protect such ladies – VAWA and IMBRA. Whereas the former helps foreign brides escape violence from a potential husband, the latter regulates dating between Americans and foreigners overall.

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Why do women seek husbands overseas?

international dating sites for marriage

It is a common question: why do women become mail-order brides and long for marriage with Americans or men from other countries? There are different reasons for women from different countries.

For example, in China, because of the single child policies, a huge gender imbalance emerged, and men outnumber women by 34 million. Since there are many single Chinese men, women from Korea, Central Asia, Malaysia, and other countries and regions prefer marrying them, knowing that Chinese men would treat them with exceptional respect. That’s why Asian women become Asian mail order brides.[3]

In Ukraine and Russia, it’s the opposite – alcoholism and high unemployment rates among men as well as domestic violence push Ukrainian and Russian women to turn to marriage agencies. They believe that American and European men are more respectful towards women and are more suitable for a happy marriage. Similar is common for Latin American girls. But besides all this, what unites all mail order brides is that they seek love. They want it so much that they see no obstacles on their way, even if it’s the distance, language, and cultural differences.

Potential problems that you may face while dating foreign mail order brides

In case you wonder what can go wrong when you are with a foreign mail order bride, we can tell you that not many things can cause you problems. Online dating has been perfected over the last two decades, and now, you can enjoy the best time of your life with the best mail order brides from all over the world. Still, a few things can be considered obstacles, which is why it is better to know about them and be ready to overcome them right away!

Language problems

Since you are looking for a foreign bride online, you need to be ready to chat and interact with girls who may not be fluent in English. It is especially acute when dealing with Asian women for marriage and serious relationships online. Girls from this region are usually not that good with the English language, which can cause miscommunication and misunderstandings. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by hiring a translator that many websites offer or just be slightly more patient and find a personal approach to communicating with your bride.

Cultural differences

Dating a woman from another country means building a relationship with a person who may have completely different values when it comes to romantic communication. If you don’t want to offend your date or ruin your chances for a great relationship, just learn a few things about the culture of your date beforehand. A few Wikipedia articles will do just fine!

Scam and fraud

It is well-known that online dating is a place with a lot of scammers. However, you can easily avoid any problems and have a safe and proper online dating experience by selecting a proper online dating website. Read reviews, check forums, and find as much information about your potential dating site as possible. Popular platforms usually have some internet presence, which is why it will be easier to find real-life feedback and reviews.

Mail order bride pricing

How much does a mail-order bride cost? Of course, you cannot buy another person, but it will cost you some money to woo a foreign girl. The expenses include:

  • Mail-order bride services (communication, gifts delivery, translation) – from $10 to $400 monthly;
  • Visa, insurance and flight tickets – around $1,000-$5,000;
  • Hotels, restaurants, etc. $500-$2,500.

Overall, mail order bride cost is between $1,500 and $14,000 depending on where both of you live and whether you want to impress her with expensive gifts.

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How to find and get a bride online?

Here’s the shortcut:

  1. Start with the website that reviews mail order bride and dating sites like
  2. Read about dating traditions in each country and specificities of the region.
  3. Read reviews of dating sites.
  4. Choose 1-3 that suit you the most and register on them for free.
  5. Browse through women’s profiles to find the one you like the most.
  6. Start talking to ladies and stay active.
  7. Impress the lady with gifts and flowers.
  8. Arrange an offline date.

For More Detailed Information Read Our Step-by-Step Guide Of How To Find A Mail Order Bride is here to help you find the love of your life, no matter how far she seems to be away from you. On this site, you can find all the necessary information about dating women in different countries, how to cope with the challenges of a long-distance relationship and how not to get into the trap of scammers.

International dating is a life-changing thing, why don’t you embrace it now and find the mail order bride of your dreams now?

Mark Manson
Lead Author
Mark Manson is a renowned dating coach who has helped thousands of individuals around the world improve their dating lives. His approach to coaching is unique, in that he focuses on the individual rather than on specific techniques or formulas.