How To Date A Chinese Woman? Tips, Full Guide, All The Answers

date Chinese woman

If you're wondering how to date a Chinese woman, well, that's understandable. First, these ladies are great — beautiful, a bit submissive, respectful, etc. Second, they are still very different, even taking into account the Westernization and the fact that lots of them often travel abroad and speak English. They are different — and that's why it's very logical for you to think that dating a Chinese lady is not that easy. Well, it really isn't that simple — these women are used to different things than American women are used to, and of course, they expect their men to be different from Chinese guys. What does it mean to you? We'll tell you right here!

How to talk to a Chinese woman?

How to talk to Chinese woman?

Let's make it clear from the very beginning: not all Chinese women know English. Unfortunately, we can't even say that half of them do, and if we're talking about fluent spoken English, the numbers drop even further. But you shouldn't worry about it at all — if you use special Chinese mail bride services, you'll only find girls who can speak English without any problems (well, except for the accent, but it's actually kinda cute). There are thousands of women who live in the biggest Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, etc.), know English well, and see nothing wrong with dating a laowai. Let's go straight to the tips.

First, try to keep the conversation flowing. You'll be in control of the conversation on the first date. You know, even when a girl is into you, she can wait for you to give her something to go on — it's not that common when it comes to Chinese ladies, but still, you'll need to talk about something. However, not all the topics are ok, especially when it comes to dating a girl from China — so avoid talking about politics, religion, and economics. Talking about your ex will not work well, too, as well as discussing finances or sexual experience.

Then, don’t forget to tell her compliments. Point is, Chinese ladies love to hear that they are attractive. It's something like a rule in China — almost all these women are extremely hot, but they all want to have even longer legs and lighter skin. So, how do you benefit from knowing this? Well, it's very simple: you can focus on her light skin, long legs, narrow face, and long lashes. We're totally sure that you'll find your girlfriend extremely attractive, so you can just tell her about her beauty and voila, it's done — you'll get your brownie points right away.

Ask questions! It's all about questions — they are great icebreakers, and they are the perfect way to connect with a woman. Get her talking about herself, talk about yourself, too, talk about hobbies, dreams, favorite things and places, special people (but not about exes, please)... There are lots of cool questions that will help you to break the ice on your first meeting.

After all, she is a woman from another side of the world, so there are definitely lots of cool things for you to talk about. But try to avoid all those, you know, stereotypical questions about Chinese culture and language, 'cause it can look a little weird. Talk about these things only if you're really interested and already know something about them. But it's not a rule.

Be careful with jokes. Here's how it works: Chinese love humor, and they are quite good at it. But the thing is, their jokes are different from the American ones. Thus, your girlfriend will most likely not get your puns and wordplay jokes, and you'll most likely won't get her jokes (if you are not a fluent Chinese speaker, of course). What's more, many Chinese brides might feel insulted by your sarcasm or black humor, so, as we've said, be careful with this whole humor thing when you're having a date with a lady from China.

Try to learn some Chinese. Well, let's make it clear: saying "Nihao" (Mandarin for "hello") is not enough; what's more, it won't give you any brownie points. If you want to impress her with your non-existent Chinese skills, it just won't work — but if you're really into the Chinese language, she'll most likely be impressed!

How to compliment a Chinese lady?

The Western ideas are not always relevant when it comes to complimenting Chinese women. This means that you'll have to say different things in China from what you used to say in the United States. Thus, we highly recommend saying something about her delicate skin, about her bright and shiny eyes, etc, etc. The list of the compliments is extremely long when it comes to Chinese ladies, actually — and you don't have to worry that you can, you know, overdo the compliments. Point is, the compliments are extremely important for Chinese women, so it's almost impossible to overdo them. By the way, your girlfriend will most likely reply saying that it's not true, but it's just another Chinese thing.

When to kiss a Chinese woman?

kiss a Chinese woman

Want to know when to kiss her? Well, it's not that simple. Point is, these ladies are not like American women. You can't just kiss your Chinese girlfriend on the very first date, because that's not how it works in this country. The second date is most likely too early to kiss her, too. The third one will be ok, but don't forget that it's not a rule and each Chinese lady is unique — some of them are more open-minded and positive to the relationship, while the others are quite conservative. And forget about public displays of affection, at least while you're still in China.

What do Chinese ladies like?

As we’ve said, the dating culture in this country is different from the American one. However, some things remain the same — so let’s talk about what do these ladies love and what should you do to impress them on the first date.

  • They love gifts. It’s not something Chinese, actually — gifts will work great in every country with traditional society, and China is not an exception. It doesn't mean that you should buy her something expensive, of course. It's not about the price you've paid; it's about showing your attraction — just buy a perfume, a teddy bear, or something like that, and she'll understand that you are interested in her. A bouquet of flowers will work perfectly, too!
  • They love when man shows some respect. Nothing to say here — respect her, respect her family, and you’ll get a lot of brownie points.
  • They love when the man plans the date. They see their men as the leaders, so it makes some sense that you’ll have to be the leader, too. Well, it’s not that difficult, actually.
  • They love when a man doesn't rush. It’s not the US where you can easily find a one-night stand or a girl who will love to become friends with benefits with you. In this country, you will have to make it slow — and of course, forget about sex on the first date. If you are patient, you’ll be rewarded!