How To Marry A Chinese Woman? Everything You Want To Know Is Here

Marry Chinese Woman

China is a country with millions of beautiful, smart, and family-oriented ladies, and the good news for you is that many of them really want to find an American husband. However, the bad news is that it's actually not that simple to marry a Chinese lady — from the first stage (online dating) to the last stage (applying for K-1 visa), the whole process is quite time-consuming. But you shouldn't worry about it — because here, we'll guide you every step of this way. How to marry a Chinese woman? Where to find a girl from China? Is it really true that they are searching for American men? Read and know the truth!

Where to find a Chinese lady?

So, the most common question those who have never dated any foreign ladies ask sounds like this: where to find a Chinese wife? It's very simple, actually — even if you have never tried international dating, we'll explain it so that everyone understands everything. First, there are three ways to meet these ladies — 1 is offline, and two of them are online. Let's start with the first one here.

Meeting a Chinese woman in China

You just go to this country and approach ladies on the street, that's all. Sounds quite simple, doesn't it? Well, in reality, it's not. At first, you should choose a city — the girls who live in such cities as Beijing and Shanghai are usually more Westernized and quite demanding, while the women who live in smaller cities usually believe in traditional gender roles and are usually, you know, not that spoiled. We mean the cities with less than 10,000,000 people when we're saying "smaller" cities, just so you know. So, here's what you should know: it's really difficult. Do you know their language? Can you speak it fluently? Are your pick-up skills above average? Do you know everything about Asian dating culture? If four answers are "yes", congratulations — you have quite high chances to approach a girl. In any other case, we highly recommend trying other ways.

Dating with Chinese girls on Tinder

What's good about Tinder? Everyone uses it, it's free, and it really works. But does it mean that it's a perfect choice for you? No, unfortunately, it isn't.

Point is, this app (and all those Tinder-like apps and services) is not really for those who're looking for a long-term relationship. If you have tried it, you probably know what we're talking about here — this app is perfect if you're searching for a hookup, but it's definitely not that good when we're talking about marriage or any other kind of long-term relationship. As for China, here's a very important thing you have to know: it's a conservative country with traditional society and all that, but there are still thousands of girls who want to become friends with benefits with a guy from the United States. It's cool, without any doubts, but you're looking for a bride here, right? So, let's look at the services that are focused on brides.

Chinese mail bride services

Yes, if you're looking for a wife, these services are the best choice actually. They are full of ladies who want to have a family, and American men often find wives on such websites. The only problem here is that these sites are usually not free — but they are usually not much more expensive than, say, Tinder Gold (which will cost you around $29 per month). These services really work, they are not that expensive, and they usually have thousands of real girls from Asia (but only if you choose a high-quality service, of course). So, we recommend using these sites, but it's up to you.

Marrying a Chinese girl in China and in the United States

Marrying a Chinese girl

So, let's finally get to the main idea: marriage. How to marry your Chinese girlfriend, actually? What are the requirements? Which country should you choose to marry her? What are the procedures for you and for her to get a K-1 visa? And what else should you know about it? Continue reading to know!

What you need to know before a Chinese woman says “yes”?

First, a brief note for you: if you want to read the guide and the instructions, skip this part and read the next one — we'll provide some useful legal information there. However, if you want to know more about the, you know, emotional part of this process, read this part first. Here, we'll give you 2 tips for your preparation for proposal — 'cause we believe that you should know what to expect.

So, first, it's very necessary not to forget one important thing: family is literally everything for all these ladies. It’s the top priority and the core value in Chinese society, which means that it's almost impossible to marry a girl without getting the okay from her parents. It doesn't mean that you must invite her family to this "event" — but it would be great, especially if your bride is really a traditional type of girl. However, if she's Westernized, a simple okay from her mother and father will be enough. The problem is that her parents will most likely have quite high expectations from you. "To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer"? It's more like "for better and for richer" in the minds of Chinese elders. It means that some of them expect their American sons-in-law to buy a house or an apartment before the wedding. We understand that it's quite frustrating, but don't worry — they are not all like that, really.

What should you do to avoid surprises? Just talk to your girl! She'll tell you about the customs that are important in her part of China and, what's more important, in her family. Ask her about the gifts, about the announcement of the wedding, and design a strategy that will help her parents understand that you're very serious about this relationship. And don't wait for too long, please — these ladies expect your relationship to go forward quickly.

As for the proposal… If you are the "get down on your knee" type of person, it's great — that's exactly what these ladies expect from the foreigners. Yeah, that's sort of a Hollywood cliche, you're right, but that's what Chinese mail order wives really love. An engagement ring? Why not? These rings are actually not a part of Chinese culture, but thanks to the Westernization, this tradition became quite popular in this country. The rings don't have to be too big and too expensive, and your bride has most likely not heard anything about that 3 months salary rule, but it shouldn't be too cheap, too. She'll expect something nice, not a discount.

Marriage with a Chinese lady in China

Chinese Woman for marriage

Is it possible to marry in this country? Yes. But is it a simple process? Unfortunately, it isn't. Let's be more detailed.

  • First, you must meet the main requirements: you must be older than 22, you mustn't be the same sex as your partner, and you mustn't serve a criminal sentence/receive re-education through labor. If your partner is a diplomat or a security official, she can't marry a foreigner legally.
  • Then, the procedures. First, you'll have to visit the Marriage Registration Office, and it would be nice if you wore your best shirt and tie — it's not that they won't let you in if you are dressed in a casual t-shirt with a print and shorts, but everything will be much more smooth. You'll have to fill the declaration here together with your partner. After that, you'll get a marriage booklet and tell them that you want your certificate to be notarized. You'll use this certificate later.
  • It won't cost you a fortune — the booklets cost 200-700 RMB ($28-$100) and the certificate will cost 100-300 RMB ($14-$43).
  • You'll have to collect some documents later. Passport, visa, original stamp from the vital records office clerk (it's the proof that your previous marriages were terminated legally, and you don't need it if you have never been married). Some other documents, such as the "certificate of single status", are needed (go to the consulate to get it, it'll cost you $50), and of course, all these documents must be translated to Chinese.
  • There's no need to re-marry in the US because all such marriages are legal in the United States of America.

Marriage with a Chinese woman in the US

It makes sense that it’s much more convenient for you to think about going through this process in the United States. We can’t say that it’s much faster or simpler in the US, but the process definitely differs from collecting the documents in China. Let’s take a look at the steps you’ll have to take.

  • If you haven't married yet, you can apply for a K-1 visa. It's also called a "fiance visa", but it's not that easy to get it. First, you'll have to file a petition (I-129F). Then, your partner will apply for this visa — this means that she'll have to submit all the documents and to attend an interview. The interview is the most difficult part of the story, actually.
  • The consular officer will certainly ask your partner lots of questions. Your family, your childhood, your character, job, etc, etc. — the number of questions is very large. The officer will decide whether your relationship is bona fide (genuine and real) or mala fide (with an intent to get a Green Card), so your partner must prepare well — if she fails, this process will be even more time-consuming (and if she fails twice her application can be canceled).
  • If everything is fine, you can marry your partner without any problems, and after that, she'll be able to apply for a Green Card (prepare for another interview!).
  • After that, it's time to obtain a marriage certificate — to get it, go to your local government office.

Of course, that's not enough. Like, what should you do if your bride doesn't speak English? Or what to do if you haven't visited her in 2 years? Read these tips and find the answers!

  • What if she doesn't have a birth certificate? This happens quite often in this country — if your partner was born in the countryside or if she was born before 1990, she definitely doesn't have this certificate. But don't worry, it's simple — she can go to the notarial office in her country and obtain a birth certificate.
  • What if she doesn't speak English? It can be a real problem, actually. However, the US Embassy provides all the necessary instructions in Chinese. When it comes to the Department of Homeland Security, you'll be able to hire a legal interpreter.
  • What if she's a member of the CPC? It can be another problem, a more serious one. However, your partner can request for CPC waiver — in this case, her chances to apply for a visa will increase.
  • What if you haven't visited her? Make a trip! Unfortunately, that's the baseline requirement for the fiance visa, and the more trips you'll make, the better. It's also highly recommended to make lots of photos to show the USCIS that your relationship is real.