How To Make A Colombian Woman Fall In Love With You: Full Guide

A lot of guys are dreaming of Colombian women, and we understand them because ladies in this country are truly gorgeous. However, single men who start to make real efforts to get a Colombian bride often face the same challenge – some of these girls do not really trust foreigners at the beginning of their relationship. Nevertheless, there are some tips that can help you melt the heart of a Colombian girl, and more importantly, they can help you do it pretty fast. So, how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you? Let us find out!

How to make conversation with a Colombian woman?

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First, you need to know that there are some things you should not discuss with a Colombian girl. Why? She has already heard them a hundred times, and believe us, she does not want to hear this again, for the 101st time, from you. Moreover, we believe that avoiding these topics is even more important than having a list of good topics to discuss. You should not underestimate her possible reaction to one of these claims or questions – there is a chance that you will never see her again, so why take the risk?

Things that Colombian ladies do not want to hear

So, here are the things to avoid when dating Colombian women:

  1. Do not tell her that a relationship with a Colombian woman and other Latin girls is your fetish or something like that. We understand that men often say such things just because they want to compliment a woman and tell her that she is his type, but come on, the phrases like “You’re gorgeous” or “I like you” usually work much better.
  2. “Why are you so black/white? I thought that all Latinas look like Penelope Cruz/Eva Mendez/Sofia Vergara/Jennifer Lopez!” – this is definitely one of the worst things you can say to a Colombian lady or a girl from any other Latin country. They are tired of these stereotypes, as well as of the fact that a lot of people see the only one depiction of Latin American women in the media.
  3. Do not call her mamacita. “Hey mami” is the phrase Colombian and other gorgeous Latinas hear very often, and believe us, it does not make them happy. It is offensive, and you should avoid this phrase, no matter if you are talking to a girl sitting in front of you or trying to get a Colombian girl’s attention online.
  4. “I have a friend, she is a Latina, just like you!” Okay, that is great, but even if you have a Latin friend from Puerto Rico, you should not act like the only purpose in your life now is to introduce these two obviously culturally close people because they will make best friends for sure! Maybe they will, but do not act like a man who thinks that belonging to one huge group of people of one race, ethnicity, etc., means that two people have much in common.
  5. Calling her “spicy” is even worse than calling her “mamacita.” Seriously, you can call “spicy” a jerk chicken or a Sichuan hot pot, but she is a woman, so keep this in mind. Do not expect her to be friendly after you compliment her with words that are more suitable for complimenting a dish.
  6. For God’s sake, forget about the Spanish language and never try to make her “say anything in Spanish.” If a girl does not speak it (for instance, if you are talking to a Colombian who have moved to the US when she was 4 y.o. and who speaks English even at home), do not make it worse by saying that if she does not want to do this, she is not a real Colombian. This is just rude and, of course, not true. After all, there is a chance that she actually can say something in Spanish, but you do not want these words to be said to you in any of the existing languages?

So, now you know which words Colombian women do not want to hear from you. You can use these tips when talking to a person of any other ethnicity, actually. After all, the basic rules are the same: respect a culture, do not use stereotypical clichés, focus on a personality – not just a race or ethnicity. But what about the topics to discuss with Colombian ladies? We know a little about it.

Things Colombian women would like to discuss

The best advice we can give you is to keep in mind that Colombians talk about the same things you do. That is why you should not write the list of topics before a date with one of the gorgeous Colombian women – just act like she is the girl next door (and do not forget about the stop-list above, of course.) Still, it may be pretty difficult to have a conversation with someone who lives in your neighborhood. If you want to avoid awkwardness, pauses, etc., feel free to choose one of the following topics:

  • Her dreams, goals, expectations, interests, and plans.
  • Her family.
  • American films vs. Colombian films (yes, this might be an interesting topic to discuss.)
  • Colombian culture and traditions.
  • Traditional cuisine, here favorite meals.
  • Transport – biking, railway, and grand metro system is an important topic for all Colombians.

As you can see, you do not have to talk about anything extraordinary to have a great time on your date with a Colombian girl. Just be yourself and show that you want to know more about her, her inner world and her country.

How to court a Colombian woman?

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No matter where you meet one of the stunning Colombian women, on international mail order bride sites or in your own city, there some rules that you need to follow to court them in the right way that will lead you to a relationship. Fortunately, we know the best Latin dating tips – use them if you want to win a Latin beauty’s heart!

  1. Show her that you like her because of her personality, and not just because she is a Colombian.
  2. Give her cute gifts and bouquets from time to time – it is not about the cost of the gift, it is about attention.
  3. Get to know her family and be nice with all her relatives.
  4. Keep texting if you are away.
  5. Wish her good morning, ask her questions about her day, keep in touch.
  6. Do not flirt with other women – not on a date, not… literally never. This will not make her happy.
  7. Do not ask her stereotypical questions and never show disrespect to her culture.
  8. Do not rush things and do not be too slow – pay attention to the signs and the words, and be patient or proactive when necessary.

As you can see, Colombian women do not expect a guy do anything super special – they just want him to be nice and loving. Can you handle this? We bet you can!

How to seduce a Colombian woman?

Okay, we finally come to this question. Let us imagine that you are lucky to meet Colombian beauty. Moreover, you are already dating her. Congratulations! But how to seduce a Latina and come closer to a relationship with her? Some guys think that the very fact that these girls are really passionate proves that seducing them is a really easy task. Well, it is not. If you want to get closer to her in every sense, follow the two most important recommendations below.

Be strong with a Colombian lady

You need to be strong to impress a Colombian lady. No, we are not talking about machismo, that typical behavior when a man acts not like a guy living in the modern world but as an alpha male in an ancient society. Do not tell her what she should do, do not be jealous all the time, do not pressure her. Here is what strong men really do:

  1. Help her in difficult situations.
  2. Be confident in any situation, including the situations when she is talking to another guy – her male friend, previous date, colleague, whoever.
  3. Care for her when she lets you know that she really needs it.
  4. Avoid asking her for help, for example, never borrow money when you are broke (it is just a taboo).

This is what is called an attractive and decisive men’s behavior, and this is what women really like.

Show a Colombian girl that you are in love

The second recommendation is the most obvious thing to do when trying to seduce a woman you like. Surprisingly, there are a lot of guys who just ignore it. Moreover, the stereotypes work against you – yes, a lot of Latinas are passionate, especially in comparison with Western women, but it does not mean that they are easy.

So, there is the only way to seduce a beautiful Colombian woman – you should show her that you are in love. Keep in mind that women always know when a guy is trying to seduce them though he does not want anything serious.

Do not hesitate to tell her about your feelings but do not rely on words only – your actions are supposed to speak for themselves, too.

Final thoughts

You do not have to be a dating expert to know how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you and marry her. Moreover, they do not expect anything super-special from you! However, despite this, the tips above can be really useful for Americans or other Western guys who want to meet hot Colombian women and maybe even marry one of them. By the way, these ladies know how to be real women and how to make a guy feel a real man, so there is a good chance that you will do all those things that we mentioned spontaneously. Still, keep them in mind to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings, and finally achieve your goal!