How Do I Meet Eastern European Women? 3 Different Ways Explained

Meet Eastern European Women

Dating a woman who lives in another part of the world is not a trivial task. Cultural differences, language barriers, time zones, etc, etc — there are lots of problems, but most men successfully solve them. But that's not the thing we'd like to talk about here. Instead, we'd like to talk about what comes before then — before you start dating a woman from another side of the world. We want to talk about the most common ways to meet Eastern European women, about their pros and cons, and about the details you should know before choosing one of these ways. So, if you have a question “How do I meet Eastern European women?”, congratulations! We'll answer this question right away!

Offline dating Eastern European women

Let's make it clear at the very beginning: it's not the most popular way to meet Eastern European women. It's not the most popular way to meet Asian, Latin, and African women, too. On the other hand, it's still quite common, and there are a lot of American men who use it. What are we talking about?

It’s called “buy a flight to Moscow/Kyiv/Minsk/Warsaw and start talking to the girls”. Sounds quite simple, right? It is certainly not as simple as it sounds. Point is, you will have to solve A LOT of problems, and despite there are quite high chances that you will succeed, the result may be very far from what you were looking for when you’ve booked the flight.

So, the first and probably the biggest problem is the price.

The other methods we’ll talk about here are NOT free, but they are still much cheaper.

Just think about it: you will have to book a flight (which is not that expensive). After that, you will have to pay for a hotel room, or you’ll have to rent an apartment. There are always some cheap hostels, especially when we’re talking about Eastern European countries, but moving into hostel accommodation is usually not the best thing in the world. Let’s assume that you’ve just rent a relatively cheap hotel room. What’s next?

After that, there comes the biggest problem of this dating method: approaching the girls on the street is quite difficult, especially if you are not one of those pickup artists (to be fair, it might become even more difficult if you are one of these guys).

First, you will have to know the language and you’ll also have to be able to speak it fluently. It doesn’t matter if it’s Russian, Ukrainian, or Polish language — they all are quite complex, and you won’t be able to learn them in a few days before your trip.

Second, it’s difficult to approach the girls, no matter what country you are. Some men are afraid of this. Some just become paralyzed when they try talking to a girl. The others just can't get the result, that's all. Not to mention you'll have to look great — everything, from your clothes to your haircut, must be perfect. Your blue passport is not enough anymore — Eastern European countries were very popular sex tourism destinations in the 1990s, but now, the situation has changed. Now, these women don't just want an American — they want to date a cool, neat, and smart man. Will you be able to show them that you're a cool, neat, and smart man and not to spoil everything in such harsh conditions? There are chances, yes. But this method is certainly not for everyone.

But does it mean that it’s impossible? Of course, it isn’t. You can get a woman this way, with no doubts. The question is: will you be happy? We mean that most Eastern European women are not usually too happy about the guys who try to approach them on the streets. Most, but not all of them.

There are many girls who’d love to spend a night with a foreigner in these countries, which means that you’ll certainly be able to find a hot single woman here. But it’s just a hookup, nothing more serious — those who are looking for something serious, use dating apps and websites. This is what we are going to talk about below, by the way.

Tinder-like apps for dating an Eastern European girl

Eastern European Brides not on Tinder

It looks very much like the previous method. You can travel to Russia or Ukraine, rent a hotel room, and sign up for Tinder or any other app that is similar to Tinder. The main advantage of this method is that you don't have to approach girls on the streets — hundreds of thousands of Eastern European women use this app and similar apps/dating sites, so you can easily talk to them and arrange a date online, even if you don't have any pickup skills (or if you don't Russian/Ukrainian/Polish at all).

Sounds great, right? It may sound great, but in reality, there are always some flaws. Thus, the biggest problem or Tinder and Tinder-like apps is… their philosophy. What?

The problem is: Tinder is mostly used for hookups, not for mature, serious kind of relationships. This isn't a bad thing at all — every man who uses Tinder can get a lot of attention, right swipes, and one-night stands. But according to what we know, almost every man who wants to date Eastern European women isn’t focused on short-term relationship.

One would say that these girls are really hot and sexy (and that's 100% true), but that's not the only reason why we all love them. Yes, they are sexy, but there are millions of sexy ladies in the United States — we appreciate Eastern European women because they make perfect mothers and wives, not just because they are extremely hot.

So, on one hand, Tinder is cool — it's free (in case we're not talking about Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus), it works, and it's very popular, so lots of great women use it. But on the other hand, it's most likely not what you're looking for. If you want to find a girl whom you'll have a GREAT night with, this method is definitely for you, because there are many Tinder girls in Eastern Europe who'd love to spend a night with an American guy. But if you are seeking for real relationship, it's not the best choice. In this case, the next option will work much better for you.

Eastern European mail brides services

eastern european Mail brides services

And here comes the last way you can go if you’re looking for a woman from this part of the world. We’re talking about mail order bride services — at this time, they look like the best option for those who are searching for Eastern European brides (or for something more serious than a one-night stand). But again, are they that perfect?

Yes, these services can really help you find something serious — usually, most women who use such websites are focused on long-term relationships, and usually, most of them want to stop being single and become wives and mothers. Sounds serious enough, doesn’t it?

These services are also perfect for those who don’t want to waste a few thousand dollars.

Point is, you don’t have to visit Eastern Europe right away to find a woman if you choose such services. All you should do is sign up and start chatting, that’s all — and only after that, when you two are ready, you can visit Ukraine, Russia, or whatever the country is.

It’s really a great way to save money — even though almost all these services are paid, it’s still much cheaper than the two previous methods. Yes, some of these websites are quite expensive, but most of them won’t cost you more than, say, $30-$50 per month. Does it sound like a large amount of money to you? We believe that it doesn’t.

But as we’ve just said, these sites are also not perfect. It’s possible to find love on these websites, but not on all of them. You’ll have to do a little research or to read some reviews to understand which ones are worth your attention and which ones are not worth it. If you skip this step, you might lose some money. So, you should be careful with these sites — there are dozens of good ones, but unfortunately, there are also some scam services that can drain your pocket without any result. But to be fair, it’s probably the only problem of such websites — so if you do your best and find a safe and reputable service, there’s nothing you should worry about. Good luck!

How to save money when dating an Eastern European woman?

There’s one thing you’ve probably already figured out: it’s NOT free. Unfortunately, there are no free methods to find and meet an Eastern European woman. You’ll have to pay anyway — but is it possible to save money on it? Yes. 4 tips on how to save on dating Eastern European women are as follows:

  • Find a reputable dating service. Check the reviews, check the encryption certificates, and also check what real users say about the service. That’s how you’ll filter out bad services that will drain your pocket, and therefore that’s how you’ll save money.
  • Lots of mail-bride websites offer free credits/free trial premium subscription to the new users. Don’t miss these offers.
  • Find a cheap flight. It’s not only about 5-star airlines, you know. There are also many low-cost airlines that can save you money. All the Eastern European capitals, like Kyiv, Minsk, Warsaw, and Moscow, are covered.
  • Eastern European restaurants and cafés have a Happy Hour, too! Check them before you ask your girlfriend out on a date — that’s how you can save up to 50% on meals!