Read And Know More About How To Court Eastern European Women!

Beautiful Eastern European Women

Many Americans date Eastern European women, and lots of Americans marry them. Thousands of Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Poland women become new American citizens every single year. These women are incredibly popular, and, well, it's not that difficult to find a reason why — they surely make perfect wives and mothers.

However, the fact they live in the Eastern European countries (most of which are closer to the developing countries rather than to the developed ones), doesn't mean that it's super easy to get these women interested in you and that they'll be attracted to you just because of your blue passport. They won't, actually — which means you'll have to do your best to get a hot Eastern European lady, whether she is from Ukraine/Russia/Poland/etc. Well, no worries — we know everything about dating European women here, and we are happy to share this knowledge with you. We'll explain everything — so this post will be useful for both those who haven't signed up for a dating site yet and for those who have their first date tomorrow. Let's talk!

Online dating Eastern European women: top 3 tips

So, how to court Eastern European women? Well, most likely, you don’t live in one of the Eastern European countries (in case you do, just skip the first part and go to the offline-dating part of this post). That’s why you will most likely have to start with online dating — and we’ve collected 3 most useful tips that will help you to date Eastern European women online. We won’t talk about the basics here — like, “choose a good service”, “google her photo to make sure she’s real”, etc. We’ll get straight to the point.

Choose the best photos and make a perfect profile

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It always starts with the looks, you know — so to get a woman, you'll have to catch her eye first. Sounds quite hard, we know, but not when it comes to online dating. In this case, everything's quite simple.

Don't make the mistake: photos are extremely important. The Eastern European lady you'll write to is likely to receive tens, if not hundreds, messages every single day. That's why it's very important for you to stand out from the rest guys who'll try to attract her — and if we're talking about online dating, it's your cool photo that makes the first impression.

But, well, “cool photo”, “stand out from the crowd”, “extremely important” — sounds a little like general statements, we know. Let’s discuss more detail.

So, how many photos to add? 5-7 will be ok. The point is, you don't have to look like one of those insta bloggers, but on the other hand, 1 or 2 photos are not enough, too.

Choose some cool pictures of yours (but forget about the group photos), add 1 or 2 selfies, and don't ignore the full-body images — there are many studies that prove that the profiles with such images get much more attention than the profiles without them. Try to show the real you, without exaggeration and (of course) without bragging about your job/house/brand new car.

Use technologies

When you find a great lady, you’ll have to communicate with her — well, that’s how dating works all around the world.

Some services have many cool messaging tools, like chat and emails, most of them allow the users to send photos and videos, etc. But what we strongly recommend is that you use the video chat — it's not the most common feature, yeah, but almost all the best international dating sites have this communication tool.

We recommend that you use it for at least two reasons. The first reason is that you'll be able to see her, hear her voice, see her body language, etc — after all, it's always great to see your girlfriend before arranging a real date. The second reason is that it's the best thing you can do to see if she is a real person — even if you use one of those big fancy dating sites, it's still the thing you can't ignore. Video chat is the best thing that happened to dating since dating apps, so why miss it?

Don’t wait for too long

There is one thing you should know about online dating: it can literally last for years. Unfortunately, many men fall into this trap and make this mistake — and that is why we want to tell you about it. Online dating is super easy and it's really cool, but visits and dates are the highlights of every long-distance relationship. So, don't postpone your first date — we understand that it's difficult to brace yourself, but it's necessary to arrange the date as soon as possible. Don't feel like you're ready? Well, you'll never feel like you're ready, that's how online dating works. But still, don't hesitate — your first date with your Eastern European lady will be awesome, so there's no reason to postpone it!

Offline dating Eastern European girls: the first date and the next few dates

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It’s not that difficult to find thousands of Eastern European women willing to date — the dating world is where almost every American man can find a perfect partner. But again, it’s not that simple. Let’s assume you’ve just asked your Eastern European girlfriend out. What should you do next? How to impress her and how to make sure that she’ll be attracted? What are the basic rules of dating Eastern European women? We’ve collected some tips that will (well, we hope that they will) protect you from screwing up on your first date with your girlfriend. It’s not as difficult as you might think, by the way.

Be a gentleman

Sounds cliché, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not a cliché when we’re talking about Eastern European women. They really believe that almost all the American guys always act, look, and talk like gentlemen — so it would be great if you don’t disappoint them. What does it mean?

  • First, flowers. The bouquets are not that expensive in Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries. In addition, all the Eastern European women love flowers. Even if not all of them really love bouquets, it's still very important that you buy a one on the first date. As well as on the next dates and without any reasons — flowers themselves won't make you look like a gentleman, but they'll certainly help. If you want everything to go right, just buy a cool bouquet, that's all. And it's not about the price actually — it will be much better if you buy her favorite flowers (just ask her in advance, it's simple).
  • Pulling her chair out. If you've arrived before her, stand up and pull the chair for her. It's very simple, right, but this is one of those gestures almost 100% of Eastern European women will appreciate. It's the easiest thing to score some points.
  • Just share your umbrella if it rains. She has certainly spent more time on her hair than you, so it will be frustrating for her to get frizzy hair on the date. It's another simple thing you can do to look like a gentleman!
  • Doors. Just hold them for her, that's all. We are sure you are already familiar with manners and dating etiquette, of course. Just don't forget about it.

Dress well, look great

It’s not only about Eastern Europe, actually — you’ll have to look perfect on your first date anywhere in the world. However, the “dress-to-impress” rule is even more important for dating women from Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries. The point is, these ladies always expect to see a fashionable, smartly-dressed man — the details depend on the place you’re going to visit and on the preferences of your girlfriend, but in any case, you’ll have to look great. Smart casual will work great, but, as we’ve said, it depends.

Keep the conversation flow

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It’s not that easy to find the topics to talk about on the first date. It’s even doubly hard to do it on the first date because of the language barrier — unfortunately, lots of these women just can’t speak fluent English, and it can spoil everything. We can't help you with Russian, and we can't help your girlfriend with her English, but here's what we can tell you: whatever language this is, you should avoid icebergs. Politics? No, especially in Russia and Ukraine. Her or your exes? No, anywhere in the world. Adverse childhood experiences? This is a way to spoil everything. The first date is the best way to get some basic information about your girlfriend, but you shouldn't talk about serious things. It's up to you.

Go casual

You surely don't know anything about the cafés and restaurants in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or Poland. Still, you should choose the place — that's how it works in these countries; a man must always be the leader, and “leadership” means “choosing the date locations”, too.

We highly recommend that you choose something not-that-fancy and expensive — a casual café will work much better if it's your first date. You don't have to show that you're a rich guy, you have to know her better and to communicate. Casual places are perfect for this.

Don’t push it

Like, never. That's one of those basic rules of dating in Eastern Europe — you can't push the boundaries of intimacy on the first date. Heard anything about the three-date rule? It still works in Russia/Ukraine/Poland. Of course, there are always some women who will have no problems with having sex on the first date, but you don't really need to pay a few hundred to book a flight to Europe to get a hookup; you can do it in your town.