How To Impress A Japanese Woman: All Dos And Don'ts To Attract Her

How To Impress A Japanese Woman

You have probably heard of lots of guides on how to impress women either on a first date, or even when you have been dating for a long period. But what to do if the desired lady comes from an unusual country that differs quite much from the West? How to impress her despite the cultural differences? How to come along if your lifestyles take root in different cultures, thus they may be the opposite. The clue is the desire to get to know better what Japanese dating culture stands for and what are the secrets of winning the heart of Japanese bride.

Why to choose Japanese women?

Before getting to know how to impress Japanese women, it’s essential to know what is so special about them. Why are they considered one of the best wives in the whole world? Why does everyone want to have an American salary and a Japanese wife? The reasons are quite numerous, and they are directly related to the main ways to get the affections of ladies from Japan.

Japanese brides are dedicated and careful

Even if modern Japanese women work not less than men, self-develop, solve the most different problems, rule the business, and take charge of serious tasks, they want to find love and soulmates as much as any other human beings.

That’s why when it comes to relationships, they are dedicated and pay a lot of attention to their boyfriends and husbands. Japanese ladies coming from the Samurai can balance everything: being confident and strong-minded personalities as well as excellent partners and caring wives.

Japanese women are smart and well-educated

smart Japanese brides

The economy of Japan goes on developing and bringing to the whole world new fantastic discoveries, technologies, and inventions. Not oddly, it’s all thanks to hard-working, well-educated and self-disciplined Japanese people. With a Japanese bride, you will always find a lot of topics to discuss, and she will always surprise you by her quick-wittedness.

Lots of Japanese people get higher education and great jobs that become almost their sense of life. Being even too hard-working, Japanese can stay till late at work, and sometimes don’t even know how to live without it.

Japanese ladies care how they look like

As soon as any new trends appear, it is a Japanese woman who will try to follow them, combining them in the best way and showing their exquisite taste in clothing. A lot of Japanese like to be feminine and try to support the image of extremely tender and miniature women looking their best. Besides, even being extremely busy, they will always look charming and well-groomed.

How to attract Japanese brides?

When you know what general features are typical for the majority of Japanese ladies, it’s easy to figure out what they will expect from their partners. They say to be attentive to what your loving person gives you. It’s the same they would want to get from you.

Once you are together, don’t forget to show your love to a Japanese woman

How to attract Japanese brides?

If an attractive Japanese lady fell into you, it doesn’t mean she will be in love if you suddenly stop to care for her. It’s a problem of many couples who just got used to each one and didn’t feel these butterflies every time they are together. Do not forget how unique is this person for you. Besides, remember about our small recommendation: local men are not really eager to show their feelings, that’s why even some nice words from you about how you appreciate her and what you love most in her, will please her more than anything other.

Japanese women prefer men with a stable financial position

Even some decades ago, financial stability wasn’t such a common thing as it’s now in Japan. Coming from those times, parents of Japanese ladies still educate them to find successful husbands who can prove that with them, Japanese ladies will be like behind a stone wall.

In addition, these ladies can earn themselves quite a lot. So, they count to find men who will totally match them. Moreover, Japanese people always care about their lifestyle, food, clothes, and traveling. If a lady got used to it, it would be difficult for her to start living a little less prosperous even if it’s still a decent level of living.

Be into Japanese culture

Even if you have never watched anime or read manga and you don’t feel that you can become a great fan of it, still there are lots of ways to become closer to her culture. First, before trying to impress her, you will need to learn some Japanese. A lot of ladies don’t speak any other languages than their native one. Even a simple initial contact may be not so smooth if you do not understand each other.

Besides, being genuinely interested in her culture will mean not only reading all possible information and learning all possible words but making your dates more informative, sharing different cultural, historical, and social insights by enriching each other with the perception of the West and the East.

Be a gentleman with your Japanese girl

Even if she seems to be a really confident and self-sufficient lady, no one will stand by polite and gentle gestures. Open the door of the car or help her to put her coat on. Send her some flowers and choose a small but meaningful gift. Not so many Japanese ladies have gotten a lot of compliments in their lives.

Do you like anything about her? Something that makes her so special to you? Don’t hesitate to tell her about it. This will definitely make her choose exactly you as not so many Japanese men pay attention to these small details.

Act confidently and be reliable

It’s not a secret that all women adore men who can make decisions, solve problems, and make life easier. The same rule works for Japanese ladies too. If you want to impress her, always be confident, and there is no matter if it’s a life-death deal or just a small problem. Always try to find a plan B if something goes wrong, and avoid any situations where you can look timid or indecisive. It will make you appear dependable in the eyes of Japanese women.

Final thoughts about how to impress a Japanese woman

So, after analyzing all the pros of Japanese ladies, it becomes obvious that they are worth all the effort. Being lovely girlfriends, interesting personalities, and successful people, they attract a lot of men from overseas. That’s why to impress a lady from Japan, you need to be genuine but not forget to follow some essential rules. Be polite, caring, manly, and curious. Besides, do not forget that each girl is special, so if she falls out of the general list, try to feel her and behave as your heart tells you.