How To Marry A Japanese Woman: Advice You Need To Take Into Consideration

Marry Japanese Woman

If you are one of those who seriously consider finding a Japanese lady for marriage, then you have definitely started to think how to find and make these women fall head over heels with you. Probably you even have had an experience of dating a Japanese woman, but still didn’t manage to solve this riddle. In any case, our article will give you an idea of how to pass this path: from meeting to marrying an attractive Japanese lady.

Why Japanese women may be interested in marriage with Western men?

To start a whole adventure like the search for a Japanese lady for marriage, it’s essential to know that these women are actually interested in it. For sure, all people are different; thus, they have different intentions, plans for life, and attitude to the same ideas. However, nowadays, we can examine at least two reasons why Japanese females start to choose foreigners.

The busyness of Japanese people

busy japanese man

Everyone knows Japan as a country with huge economic potential and incredibly hard-working people. A lot of millennials and older people got a decent education and decided to entirely sacrifice themselves for a successful career. That’s why, even a lot of Japanese companies introduce special job positions which include reminding people not to stay till the late time at work but go home and rest.

Japanese men pay a lot of attention to self-development, constant growing but totally forget about romantic relationships. Thus, it’s the main explanation of such a number of single women who still wait for their significant others at a quite mature age. Not finding any other choice, they prefer counterparties from the Western countries who seem to find more time for dating.

The neglection of the family values

Another reason that convinces Japanese brides to choose men from other countries is more and more rejections of local males to have kids. Even if they find time to date with real women, meet from time to time and build something serious, having children is not the main plan of the great part of them. It not only declines the population of Japan but makes Japanese women desperate because of the impossibility of having a complete family. Western men are more traditional in this matter, and most of them still see their future families with kids.

How to find a Japanese woman for marriage?

The first step to marry a bride from Japan is obviously to find her. What to do if you don’t travel to Japan and don’t live there, but you want to find a beauty from this country? In this case, you should definitely not give up as nowadays, more and more singles try online dating.

The communication online can replace the initial communication in real life, help to find the right person from any country in the world, and get to know a person closer. If you know your type of woman, it’s even easier for you.

In real life, finding a person who will meet all your essential expectations may be quite a big challenge. The beauty won’t help if she has a different outlook and interests. But thanks to online dating, you can lose some first months or even weeks of face-to-face interaction, but instead, get a great soulmate and a potential life partner.

Is it difficult to marry a Japanese lady?

When everything between you goes steady, and you seek her hand in marriage, you should know some insights. If you plan to stay in Japan, be aware that getting married to a Japanese woman does not automatically grant you citizenship. But you can get a spouse visa, which will allow you to do absolutely any job in Japan. Depending on the immigration officer, the initial visa will be for between one year to three years. The procedure for your fiance is the same. She won’t get citizenship once she is married to you, but she can get a permanent resident visa.

How to get a Japanese woman?

marry a Japanese lady

One of the most important parts of any relationship with the representative of another culture is to find common ground and find out more about dating traditions. That’s why, right after asking yourself where to meet Japanese mail order brides, you need to know how to date them. Asian culture, being so different from a Western one, may open new and new unexpected realities. Thus, being acquainted with culture clashes means success. And following the rules of Japanese dating predicts you the victory. If you want to know more info about dating Japanese women, read this article.

Japanese women do not like to wander around

One of the features of Japanese women is that they are mostly looking for serious and long-run relationships. Thus, if you don’t plan to build something serious, it’s better to inform your date about it. Besides, a notion of friend-zone is really untypical for Japanese culture. That’s why Japanese women especially are unlikely to want to hang out unless there is potential for romance.

Importance of confession

You have probably heard about the romantic confession described in manga and anime, for example. In reality, it’s almost the same. In Japan, they even have a special notion for that — “Kokuhaku,” and it’s quite a typical way of asking someone to start dating exclusively.

In Japanese culture, a lot of women can perceive your relationship as a simple communication unless love words are said loudly. Thus, if you are interested in her, take the matter in your hands and act confidently, express your feelings and behave like a real man.

Hold your horses

Despite the typical image of Asian culture with its women ready to show you their affection on the very first date, it’s not the truth. In reality, Japanese ladies may seem quite indifferent, not letting even a small peck on the cheek. Still, if you want to see her again, you should be low-key and not rush things between you. Once you confirm your genuine interest, you will gradually be accepted and invited to do more.

Be confident and self-sufficient

To get the affection of a Japanese lady, you need to behave confidently and take the leads. These women are well aware of all their rights and don’t hesitate to use them. Thus, most of them work, study, and take an active part in each sphere of life. The problem is that local men got used to it so much that sometimes they can even pass the buck to ladies. Try to make decisions based on her opinion. This feature will definitely charm her.

Sum-up: is it difficult to marry a Japanese lady?

So, how to marry a Japanese woman? In our modern world, you can get everything if you really want. The same is with a marriage with a Japanese woman. Even if there are continents and oceans, cultural and social gaps, online dating can help you to meet the one who will become your wife and with whom it will be possible to build a happy family. Of course, without the understanding of her culture of dating, it will be difficult to win her heart. However, if you are confident, have serious intentions, and understand what a Japanese lady will appreciate, you have all the chances to marry this woman. So, give it a try and don’t miss out on marrying an attractive Japanese.