First, online dating is not expensive — it can be as affordable, as you want! But first, let us explain what it means to buy a wife. A lot of people confuse buying a mail order bride with something illegal, especially when things concern Mexican beauties. However, it has nothing to do with illegal stuff. The phrase ‘to buy a Mexican woman online’ means to spend money on communication. You don’t actually own a person, and if a bride doesn’t want to chat with you, she can easily end relationships whatsoever.

The average cost of Mexican mail order bride is rather low and depends largely upon a website you select. There are expensive mail order brides sites, but there are platforms that can offer you a rather inexpensive online dating experience. We are going to tell you a lot about the Mexican mail order wife cost in this article!

Our list of top Mexican dating sites with single girls

How much does a Mexican bride cost — price of online dating

Let’s begin with online dating since this is the only effective way to find, date, and marry a woman from this country. In its essence, online dating is not only exceptionally affordable but also very simple. You can learn how to find a bride in less than 10 minutes!

The cost of online dating usually involves paying for communication per se, as well as additional costs that can include presents, flowers, premium features, requests for contact information, and other expenses that are usually present on mail order brides websites.

There are two types of mail order brides sites with two different models of charging customers. Please, take a look at both of these systems and find out their benefits and disadvantages!

Paying for a subscription

Subscription-based sites are very popular. You can find plenty of brides there. Such sites require you to purchase memberships — there might be several types of memberships on a site. Once you become a member of a certain level, you get access to all features available to that membership level. Usually, a website has standard and premium memberships, and you have to pay to get the second one.

This type of platform is great because it allows you to make only one payment and concentrate on communication. You can also buy a membership in advance and get up to 1 year of premium quality online dating experience. The average Mexican mail order brides cost on such sites varies, but usually is not higher than $30 per month. And, the more you buy, the less the price per month becomes.

Paying for credits

Now, let’s take a look at the second type of dating site. Here, we have a credit-based platform that is the complete opposite of the membership-based site. To start dating a Mexican bride here, you need to have credits. Think of them as tokens that you need to spend to get what you want. A minute of chatting with a bride can cost 1 token, 1 gift is 10 tokens, a real-life date is 100 tokens, you get the idea.

As you can see, the approach is completely different — you pay for what you use immediately. It has its advantages — flexibility and control over your expenses. But it requires you to constantly know how many credits you have left. Each action makes you think about credits and how many a certain tool requires. It can be tiresome, but a lot of people prefer it that way! The average Mexican mail order wife price on such sites depends on how much you can spend — you can buy just a few tokens that will cost you around $2-10 per package and send a few messages and call it a day. But you can spend hundreds of packages with credits — it is up to you.

How much does it cost to marry a Mexican woman?

Now that you know how to meet a woman online and how much it can cost, let’s talk about meeting your partner in real-life and marrying her. So, there are a few things that you need to consider while planning a trip to Mexico to either have a real-life date or marry a woman of your dreams. Their cost is the following:

  • Plane tickets: around $300-$500
  • Food: $80-$300 for two persons per day, depending on your tastes
  • Hotel or decent apartment: $100 and more for two persons
  • Transportation: around $20 and more for two persons using local transport


As you can see, the Mexican bride cost is not shocking or impressive — online dating is affordable and allows you to save a lot of money but receive proper results. Online communication is heavily popular in Mexico, so you will be able to find plenty of Mexican mail order wives who are willing to date foreign guys!