How To Impress A Russian Woman: Top 18 Tips Are Already Here

Hot Russian Woman

Russian women are perfect. They are great wives, they always look great (even in the morning!), they are loyal, and all that. But the fact that they are so good doesn't mean that they are unapproachable and that it's impossible to attract and impress them. It's possible, and basically, it's not more complex than impressing an American woman. Yeah, there can be some problems related to the language and cultural barriers, but we can help you to make everything right! Here, you'll find 18 tips that will be useful to any man who loves Russian women.

For your convenience, we've divided all these tips into three categories. The first category will help you to stand out from the crowd when you're still on online dating step; the second will help you not screw up on your first date and learn how to impress a Russian woman; the last one will help you to be a perfect man for your Russian girlfriend. Ready?

How to impress a Russian girl online?

Dating websites have made it easier than ever and very convenient. Now, all you have to do to find a Russian bride is sign up for one of those countless services or apps, find a good woman, and just start the conversation.

That’s how it looks at first glance. Once you go deeper, you start to understand that just creating a profile is not enough and that there are thousands of men like you who want to approach all those Russian women, too. So, what should you do to make your profile look great and to stand out from the crowd?

First, upload the best photos you have. The rules are simple — your photos should look professional and you must be the only person in these photos. It would also be great if you included a full-body photo — according to the surveys, a full-body photo increases the chances to get more messages from women. It's also important to upload 5-7 photos, but it's not one of those strict rules, of course — experts just say that uploading 4 photos is not enough and uploading more than 7 photos can be too much sometimes. If you have some good selfies, it's great — post them to your Instagram page.

Point is, when it comes to online dating, selfies are not the thing that always works. 1 selfie is enough, your dating profile must be more serious than your Insta snaps. And of course, not uploading a photo is not an option — despite you can skip this step on most dating websites, the profiles with zero photos usually get zero messages from women.

Don’t write an essay… But be pithy and creative. We've seen lots of very, VERY long profile descriptions on the dating websites. Why do these men do it? Because they want to tell the ladies more about themselves, it's obvious. But does it mean that you should do the same? No, it doesn't. On the other hand, you shouldn't also limit yourself to 10-20 words like some men at Tinder do. Keep the balance — write a content-rich bio/profile description, but remember: you don't have to use all the space you have!

Be specific about what you’re looking for. One of the most prominent features of Russian women is that they are very direct and straightforward. Some like it, some not, but it’s a fact. It makes sense that to attract a direct woman, you’ll have to be direct, too — so if you’re looking for something specific, don’t forget to write about it. On the other hand, such disclaimers as "I don't want to hook up, so don't message me if you're looking for one-night stand" can (and most likely will) look excessively categorical. If you don't want some women to message you, you can say it without saying it — put an emphasis on what you're looking for, not on what you are not looking for. You've got the idea.

Avoid cheesy lines and cliches. As for the cliches in a description, it's very simple: if you use them, it's just impossible to see the real you behind these standard paragraphs, and your goal is to stand out from the crowd, not to be like everyone else. As for pickup lines and standard first messages... Just think about it: almost all these hot Russian women you see on the dating sites receive tens, if not hundreds, messages every single day. Do you really think they gladly answer each of these messages? Of course, they don't; they are not customer support, after all. So, before sending the very first message, check her profile, find something that both of you know/enjoy/etc and try to do your best. Good luck!

How to impress a Russian woman on your first date?

How to impress Russian women on first date

So, your first date with a Russian lady is tomorrow. Congratulations! We are sure that you've already read some guides and found some useful tips. Here, we'll collect the most useful ones — just follow them on your first date, and everything will be great.

Look like a gentleman. Russians believe that looks are very important. They even have some proverbs (“good clothes open all doors”). It doesn't mean that it's ONLY about your looks, of course. It means that to impress a lady from Russia, you'll have to dress properly. We can't provide you any specific advice because it always depends on the place you are going to invite her too, on the woman and her age/preferences/social status, etc. We just want to tell you that it's extremely important to look great on the first date. You'll also have to be clean-cut and clean-shaven (although the latter isn't a rule).

Act like a gentleman. That's what they think about Americans, and that's how they call the guys from the United States — "gentlemen". The good news is that there are a number of requirements you'll have to meet to be a gentleman in her eyes. Open the doors, pull out the chair, stand up when meeting her — it's very simple, but it will help you score a lot of brownie points.

Pay the bill. You're in Russia, there's no reason for going Dutch. Point is, it's just how it works in Russia — it's kind of a national tradition. But don't worry, you'll be able to split the bill later when your relationships become serious. Just forget about it on the first dates.

Don’t be silent and don’t talk too much. Keep the balance — your goal is to let the conversation flow smoothly, and you'll never achieve this goal if you are untalkative (you know, silent type). But on the other hand, you don't have to be too talkative because of two reasons. First: Russian women don't fall for talkative men (and there are almost no talkative men in Russia, by the way). Second: it's very important to listen and remember things on the first date because it's the best time to know some important details about her.

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how to impress russian woman

Buy flowers. It’s all about flowers in Russia. You can ignore some of the previous and the following rules, but please, don’t forget about the flowers. It’s not that it’s a red flag, no — but that’s what all the Russian ladies love.

Bringing up sex too fast is a no-no. Yes, she is probably very hot. Did we say "probably"? We meant "surely", it's Russia, after all. Almost all of these ladies are very hot and sensual, but it doesn't mean that they are ready to talk about sex on the first date. Yes, some of them are very open and enthusiastic about sex, but only some of them. You'll probably figure her out when you're still on the online stage of your relationships.

Don’t forget about the body language and eye contact. Don't be nervous — if you're calm, your chances are much higher. When she looks at you, don't look away — these ladies love when a man is comfortable with direct eye contact. Head tilt, leaning in, mimicry — there are lots of body language hacks to take on the first date, and some of them really work, so why not?

Choose an informal place to relax. Big and fancy restaurants, loud nightclubs — all these places are not the best choice for the first date with a Russian girl. Grab a coffee, go to a bar, maybe just go for a walk — the first date is a casual date, and you two will most likely talk without a break. A casual place for a casual date, what could be better?

You don’t need to impress her. Yes, we know we've used the word "impress" in a title, but it's really not about trying to impress her; it's about impressing her by actions. You act like a gentleman, you pay for the bill, you keep the conversation flow — congratulations, you've already impressed her. But if you do your best to show that you're worth her attention, it just won't work. We've seen lots of men who buy very expensive gifts, talk about their cool jobs, and act like a tryhard... They all haven't gotten what they wanted, and we are sure that you don't want to become one of them.

How to impress a lady from Russia after your first date?

  • Respect her family. In Russia, the family is the most important thing for everyone. If you show respect to her parents, you are a great guy, that’s how it works.
  • Respect her. Women often suffer from lack of respect — it’s not a very conservative country nowadays, but its men often treat their women like it’s the 19th century. Don’t be one these men, and she’ll love it.
  • Be confident (but not rude). You are the leader in a relationship, that’s a very Russian way. You’ll have to plan everything, to protect her, and all that… But it doesn’t in any way mean that you can be rude to her. It’s an instant red flag for most ladies.
  • Learn Russian. At least some Russian. They always love it when a foreigner says “privyet” or “spasibo” (hi and thanks respectively), and it’s also quite cute. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate your efforts.
  • Pay for her taxi and make sure she’s safe. You will probably not walk her to the door after the first date, but you’ll still have to show that you care about her. The “text/call me when you get home” thing will work great, too.