How And Where To Meet Russian Women? What Else Should You Know?

Meet Russian Women

What is the most popular mail bride country? Colombia, China, or Vietnam, you can say. But according to our experience, the first country that comes to mind when you hear the words "international online dating" is Russia. Russian women have always been very popular among men from the United States — and it's quite logical because these women are really great. If you want to find love in Russia, you should know more about how and actually where to meet Russian women — and right here, you'll find all the useful information about it.

There are at least three ways you can to meet Russian women. You can try Tinder, you can go to this country and meet Russian women there, or you can try one of those mail bride websites. All these options are not perfect, and all of them have both strong and weak sides. Want to know more? Then continue reading!

1. Tinder and Tinder-like apps to date Russian girls

ways to find Russian women

Tinder is the world's most popular dating app, so it makes some sense that it's quite popular in Russia. Most Russian women who use Tinder live in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg, but smaller cities are well-covered, too (bear in mind that when we say "smaller" we mean cities with a population of 1,000,000-1,500,000, exactly like Dallas or Philadelphia). Lots of Russian women love Tinder, and even if Russia is now not the sex-tourism country it was before, thousands of women still don't see sex on the first date as a bad thing. Well, we are sure that you don't think that it's a bad thing either.

Sounds cool, right? But there is a problem here, and this problem is quite serious. Point is, this app is almost perfect, but it has some flaws — and the biggest one is that it's still primarily a hook-up app and the app for friends with benefits. Women and men swipe based on a profile photo, not on the profile description, and physical appearance matters much more important than personality in Tinder. Don't get us wrong, please — it's really a revolutionary app, and it works really well... But not when you're looking for something, you know, more serious than a one-night stand. So, if you visit Russia and want to have some good nights with hot single Russian women — you should seriously consider Tinder. But if you want to find Russian wife, or at least a woman you'll develop a serious, long-term relationship — consider some other options. Fortunately, it's not only about Tinder.

2. IRL dating to Russian brides

Why not? That’s how we have always been doing it, and that’s what always worked well. The domination of dating apps is a cool thing, without any doubts, but there’s nothing wrong with returning to good old dating.

So, here’s how it works in a nutshell: you book a flight and a hotel, then you travel to Russia, and then you go to the clubs, to the malls, or to any other places. At these places, you see tons of beautiful Russian women, and after that, it’s all about your pickup skills and lines and your physical attractiveness.

Sounds quite simple? In reality, it isn’t that simple. The point is, you should be very good at talking to women — and even if you are, don’t forget that we’re talking about Russia here, which means you’ll also have to have very good Russian skills. Alright, it’s not necessary — Russian women love foreigners and lots of them know English quite well, so in the majority of cases, even a few Russian phrases and words will be enough to attract their attention. Will it work out? We don’t know, it’s always up to you, but we can guarantee that your accent is a thing that will attract them, not repel them.

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But even if your Russian is ok, that’s still not enough. Why? Well, your English is surely perfect, but this doesn’t mean that approaching women on the street is an easy thing for you here in the US. There are lots of other important skills, and even if you have all of them, you shouldn’t forget about the cultural differences between American and Russian women — we won’t list them all here, but in brief, Russia is quite difficult to pick up women. You’ll have to be persistent, and you’ll have to spend a lot of time in case you’re going to find something serious in this country. The 3-date rule (it's often the 5-date rule nowadays) is another thing you can't ignore if you don't have a lot of time. There are lots of details to consider if you’re going to try offline dating in this country.

Another problem is that it’s a very expensive idea. Yeah, Russia isn’t the most expensive country in the world, you’re right, but think about booking a flight, a hotel, going to all those clubs and restaurants with all those women, etc, etc. This trip will most likely cost you a lot of money, and, what’s even worse, there’s just no guarantee that you’ll 100% find a woman there. Again, it’s very much like Tinder — you’ll most likely get a one-night stand in Russia without any problem, but if you think about something more serious, you’ll have to spend a lot of time in this country. Are you ready for that?

3. Russian mail brides services

The last option looks like a perfect compromise. Such services are not that expensive — you’ll have to pay a little more than for Tinder Gold, but they still won’t drain your wallet. Such services are focused on serious relationships — if you’re looking for a one-night stand, you’ll be able to get it, but most women who use such websites prefer a long-term relationship. Sounds interesting?

We believe that it really does. Mail order bride websites look perfect for those who prefer Russian women because there are actually tens of thousands of Russian women who use such services. These sites are usually very simple — you sign up, find a woman, chat with her, and then you get her contact details. One of the biggest differences between mail bride websites with Russian women and Tinder/local dating sites is the quality of profiles — the sites that fall into the latter category don’t usually care about it, while mail order bride services always have thousands of detailed accounts, often with compulsory ID verification.

But they are not perfect, too. There are lots of hot Russian women on these services, yeah, but these sites are still not perfect. First, they are not free — almost 100% of these sites with beautiful Russian women are paid. Whether it’s a pay-per-message system or a traditional premium subscription — you’ll still have to pay to use them. Another problem is that it’s quite difficult to find a good website with real women — there are no such problems with Tinder, but unfortunately, there are some scam mail bride services, and it’s very important to filter them out.

But here’s what we can say: even if such sites are not perfect, they are still the best option for you. Of course, you can try Tinder and offline dating, too — we don’t want to say that they don’t work. We just want to say that mail bride websites work much better — and if you want to make sure we’re telling the truth, just check one of them out. It’s not that expensive.