Why Are Russian Women The Best Wives? Are They So Perfect?

Russian Best Wives

Russian women are fantastically popular among the US men, that's a fact. Every year, thousands of Russian ladies marry American men, and we are sure that you've heard about it even if you are not into all this international relationship thing. Point is, Russian girls are fantastically good, and even if they are not perfect (no one is perfect, actually), they still make perfect wives and mothers. That's one of the most common stereotypes about these women, and it's 100% true — but we don't want to talk big here. We'd like to be more detailed — and that's why we are going to talk about all the most common reasons why are Russian women the best wives. Read this short text and you'll know more about why Russian ladies are worth your attention!

Advantages of Russian women

Alright, here's the question you might have right now: don't we all share the same biology? Don't Russians watch the same movies as we do? Don't Russians love their children too (yeah, it's a Sting reference)? Is it actually ok to say that people of one nation are different from those of another? The answer is very simple, actually: yes, it's totally ok to say such things. We all are different actually — and the features we talk about here are not the features 100% of Russian mail order wives have. Here's what you must know: generalization is not the best thing in the world, and of course, we don't want to say that all of these fantastic women are the same. They are unique and different, that's right — and there are no guarantees that a Russian woman you meet somewhere in Saint-Petersburg will be a 5-Star Chief, a supermom, etc, etc. No, there are no guarantees here. But at the same time, there are quite high chances that your future Russian bride will have at least some of these cool features — so read this text to know more!

Russian women are traditional and feminine

This country has been Westernized since the 1990s, so Russian people have changed a lot since the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, some things never change — or at least, some things take much more time to change than others. What we are talking about? Conservative gender policies. Most Russian people adhere to traditional, strict gender roles... And while it sounds a little outdated for the United States, it's still not that bad.

Russian women are expected to dress well, to take care of their children, themselves, and their husbands, etc, etc. Russian men, in turn, are expected to provide for the family and protect it. Simple as that, right?

These women are motivated by love, almost each of them wants to take care of their family, in short, be the heart of the family — we don't want to say that they can't work or earn good money, because it would be untrue. They can contribute to the family income, of course, but that's not their strongest side. They don't see anything wrong with being dependant on their men, and, to be fair, we can't say that such a system doesn't have a right to exist. If you're ok with the traditional gender roles and family values, you just have to think about dating Russian women. They want to please their men, so you will never feel a lack of love when you're married to a lady from Russia. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Russian ladies are really strong, though

beautiful Russian lady

The coolest thing is that "feminine" doesn't in any way mean that they are weak or something. Because, you know, they are not.

It would be misleading to think that Russian women are weak. They can do basically anything by themselves — from shopping to taking kids to the school, from dragging a package of cat food up the stairs to mounting some shelves to the wall. It's really cool, but it means much more responsibility for a man. You will have to live up to her expectations — if a woman is strong, her husband must be even stronger, that's how it works in Russia. If you're ok with that, you will enjoy your relationship with a Russian lady, that's a fact. Are you ready to care about your woman even if it doesn’t look like she needs it?

Girls from Russia are always serious about relationships

You probably won't find anyone more serious about relationships than a Russian lady. There is a stereotype that they want to get married as soon as possible, and it's partially true, actually — lots of Russian women get married in their 20s or even earlier. It's not that you'll date a woman who was once married, of course — we just want you to understand that one-night stands are not even an option if you're dating a Russian lady. In the absolute majority of cases, long-term relationships and marriage are the only options.

But it’s not a bad thing. Unlike lots of American women, your Russian lady will never tell you that she isn’t ready for marriage yet because she’s only 25/30/35.

Russian women are beautiful, of course

Did you think we'd forgotten about it? It’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Russian ladies, so we just couldn’t ignore it. Yes, beauty isn’t the top priority for most men… But yes, these ladies are incredibly beautiful. Like, almost all of them.

What’s the secret? We don’t know for sure, but we believe that it’s all about three things: genetics, sense of style, and fantastic makeup skills.

Women from Tatarstan (east-central part of Russia), Sakha (arctic part), and European Russia are very different, but they have one thing in common: they all are really hot. It's all about the ethnic diversity of this country — Russia has more than 180 ethnic groups, so the beauty of these women is a result of the genetic mixing of the Russian population. Perfect faces, slim and athletic bodies — we don’t want it to sound like ads, but Russian women are really awesome.

And it’s also about their sense of style and makeup skills. There’s another common stereotype about Russian women — some people say that they just don't leave their homes without makeup. It's true, btw — these ladies want to look gorgeous 24/7, and, to be honest, they are quite good at it. They often have that "natural" kind of makeup when you don't even see it (you just see that somehow your woman looks better than any other woman in the room), and they also always look stylish, even if they can't afford to spend a lot of money on brand new clothing.

Russian ladies have high standards

One can say that it’s not that good when a woman has high standards. Some men are naturally scared of such women — but we believe that you are not one of these men. Russian women are strong, emotionally-balanced, so it's quite logical that they want their men to protect and move mountains for them, too. Are you ready for that?

But don’t worry because it’s not about material stuff, actually — it’s much more about showing your love and affection, not about buying expensive things.

“Family” is more than just a word for Russian women

russian brides family

We’ve already said this, but we are sure that it’s important to emphasize it — family is the top priority for Russian women. If you want to find a lady who’ll care, help, and do everything for her family, you just can’t miss a chance. Russian people are focused on family (it’s one of the cores of Russian culture and society), and that’s what we often see in conservative countries. These women care and support their husbands, as we've said, and they really love their kids — so we believe it's one of those features that makes them perfect wives. We are also sure that it's the most important one, actually.

Russian women are caring

Above, we've said that most Russian women want their husbands to help and support them, and that's true — but they usually give even more in the relationships. Fresh home-cooked meals? A helping hand? Cool small surprises? Giving you what you need right now, be it an hour of relax or an intimate hug? Your Russian wife will give you all of these love, help, and care.

Ladies from Russia are direct!

If you are looking for a shy girl, you've come to the wrong place, sorry! Russian women are everything but shy. If they feel like there is a problem, they don't try to wrap it in sweet words — they always go direct, talk about it, and solve it. Your wife or girlfriend will not beat around the bush if things aren't going well, and you'll have to get used to it. Such directness might look strange (especially if you've never met a Russian woman before), but then, you'll love it. They have a problem, they talk about it directly, they solve it — and we believe that this is one of the key components that make a perfect relationship with your spouse.

Girls from Russia are smart and also well-educated

Most of them attended universities, lots of them know English well, and some of them can even earn good money in the United States right after you move in together. Having a Russian wife is not similar to having a wife from one of those third-world countries. You'll most likely be very intellectually compatible.

Top-3 non-obvious tips on how to date Russian women

We won’t write a full guide here. Instead, we’ll tell you three non-obvious tips that will help you to not screw up (and to get some additional brownie points).

  • Learn some Russian. It’s not something simple, right, but all women love when you can say at least a few phrases and compliments in their native language.
  • Meet her at least a few times. First, it’s important to know her better, and second, it’s very important to increase her chances to get a K-1 visa in the future. It’s a two birds with one stone situation.
  • It always takes two, don’t forget it. It’s a very abstract thing, but it really works. Don’t expect your Russian girlfriend to build the relationship herself. You’ll have to show your love, prove that you’re worth her, and impress her, too. It’s a tango for two, after all.

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