How Can An American Meet A Scandinavian Woman Online & IRL: Top Dating Tips

How Can An American Meet A Scandinavian Woman?

Did you know that Sweden is the nation with the highest proportion of singles in the whole Europe? Moreover, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are considered to be the great places to live, build careers, and have children. All three of them have much to offer to a local and to a foreigner – amazing nature, magnificent cultures, the highest standards of living, all this makes American guys dream of smart, well-educated, strong, and of course, hot Scandinavian ladies. But how can an American meet a Scandinavian woman? Let us discuss possible ways to find and win the heart of a Nordic beauty in more detail.

Travel or not to travel?

Why not visit Scandinavian countries and find a wife there?

There are so wonderful places in Norway, so why not use this opportunity to drive Atlanterhavsveien (The Atlantic Road), see the truly amazing Hamnoy and the most breathtaking landscapes or explore Bergen? Why not visit Denmark to see the famous Danish desert, hunt for trolls in Rold Forest and the never-ending beaches? Why not come to enjoy the view of Stockholm’s Archipelago, the High Coast or Lake Siljan? Okay, we understand that it is pretty expensive to travel all over Sweden or Norway, but there is a lot to see in the capitals, too.

Nothing can stop you from traveling, but we would like to emphasize one thing – do not expect to meet the love of your life during a 2-week or even 1-month trip. Yes, these are the countries with the highest proportion of singles, but people there do not move too fast in a relationship. You will need to spend there at least a few months or even a year to meet lots of hot and single girls and choose the one who is perfect for you and ready to build a serious relationship. It is not a problem for those who need nothing but a laptop and the Wi-Fi to have their work done, but what about the others?

Generally speaking, if you have an opportunity to move to one of these countries for a pretty long time, at least for a year, and if you are adventurous and always looking for new emotions, just go ahead. Each of these countries has much to offer to an American guy, and yes, do not forget to upload Tinder if you want to meet as many hot girls as possible. In Scandinavian countries, especially in Sweden, this is number one dating app.

So, if you are not a freelancer, if you cannot just leave everything you have and move to another country, do not worry – you do not have to abandon the idea of meeting hot Scandinavian girls. You can find them online.

Is it possible to find Scandinavian girls on online dating sites?

The short answer is yes, it is. However, we think that their motivation and the way they think are the really interesting things to discuss. We have already mentioned that there are a lot of singles in Scandinavian countries. People there enter universities, build careers, develop various skills, enjoy the time they spend with friends, etc. But still, there comes the time when building a family with someone decent becomes one of the top priorities.

As you probably know, Scandinavian girls stand for equality in all areas of life. Furthermore, they do not want to give in to men in anything, including romantic relationships. These ladies used to take control of everything, and signing up for one of the top dating sites is one of the rational decisions you make on your way to happiness.

Benefits of using global Scandinavian dating sites

american man meets Scandinavian woman

Are there any reasons to join international websites? Let us list the most important of them.

It is easy

Yes, this is the first reason to use such websites. You can join a local Scandinavian website, but we would recommend you to choose the global platform – you can spend a lot of time contacting girls who are looking for locals, and not foreigners. Niche sites connect people who know what they want and can really match each other.

It is cheaper

Two weeks in any of these countries will cost you about 1,500 dollars, not including the tickets which usually cost 500-600 dollars. The price of monthly membership on online dating platforms starts from 10 dollars or even less. So, if you spend half a year on the site, you will spend 60 dollars (if you choose a cheap international site, not the high-end one), and if you go to the country for a week, you will spend 1,500 dollars (and you are supposed to be really lucky to find your dream girl soon).

It is modern

It is worth noting that Scandinavian people (especially people in Sweden) just love Tinder. Why? Because it is the most effective and the simplest way to meet someone special. Dating sites are quite similar to dating apps or even better, just because they not only connect people who seek to meet someone but also:

  • Focus on one type of relationships (serious relationship, friendship, marriage, etc.)
  • Offer not only messaging but also video transmitting, gift delivery, all-inclusive trips, etc.
  • Use the most effective, innovative matching algorithms.

Sounds good, right? However, there are plenty of sites with thousands of gorgeous Scandinavian brides. Which one to choose? Let us talk about this in more detail.

How to choose the international website with Scandinavian girls?

How to meet scandinavian woman?

So, if you decided not to leave the US (at least for now), sign up for one of the online dating websites. This is a good strategy, but the thing is you also need to choose between tons of the existing options.

How to avoid problems, disappointments, and money losses? How to pick the right platform? Just follow the simple recommendations below.

Do not choose the first random site you found – reviewing the website is the time-consuming process, but you cannot skip this stage if you want to achieve your goal and feel safe.

  1. Find all sites that claim to have Scandinavian members (you will need to apply the recommendations below to each of these platforms).
  2. Make sure that there are enough hot ladies. Look through the profiles, make sure that at least a half of them meet your basic criteria (age, education, marital status).
  3. Find out how much you will need to pay to interact with the best foreign women to marry and decide if this is okay for you.
  4. Make sure that the site cares about the security and protects users’ data.
  5. Contact support, ask some question. Are the employers qualified enough? For how long do you need to wait to get the answer to your question?
  6. Make sure that the company offers something else besides the good old messaging. If the site is paid and offers the text chat only, there is no reason to pay for it – there are free global sites to join. The top website is supposed to offer some other services like video chat, gift delivery, etc.
  7. Check out the design and navigation. Are they good enough to use this site for a half a year or even for a couple of years?
  8. Use all the information you collected and compare it to find and join the best site.

Still, a trusted global site is not the only thing you need to date a Scandinavian girl. You also need to follow some rules of online dating.

Some tips for online dating with Scandinavian women

Fortunately, it is no rocket science. Just read and remember a few useful tips that will allow you to avoid awkwardness and disappointments.

  1. Represent yourself - upload a good photo, provide detailed info about yourself (and do not forget to describe your achievements), write self-description.
  2. Do not be too surprised when a Scandinavian girl initiates a conversation - in these countries, ladies are equal to men, and they do not mind of texting a guy first.
  3. Never act like a misogynist, be polite, respectful, and tolerant - modern social values are not an empty promise for people in Scandinavia.
  4. Do not hint at sexting unless she initiates this.
  5. Do not try to buy her with tons of high-end gifts - a bouquet of flowers and a cute small present are enough.

For more tips about dating Scandinavian women read this guide...

Final thoughts

Of course, there are a lot of reasons to visit Scandinavia. Each of these countries has it all: amazing landscapes, rich culture, forests, friendly people, and of course, thousands of pretty single girls. Nevertheless, these are some of the most expensive countries, and frankly, Nordic hotties need time to fall in love with a guy. That is why most guys choose a cheaper and much more convenient way to meet Scandinavian beauties. Just use our tips, choose the best site, and let the luck be with you.