How To Date Scandinavian Women: 10 Most Useful Tips For Men

Date Scandinavian Women

Are Scandinavian women beautiful? Of course, they are. However, they are also independent, ambitious, strong, kind, fun, and just charming. They are modern women as they are supposed to be, and yes, a lot of guys think that they are incredibly attractive.

This could not but raise questions about Scandinavian mail order wives. Do they exist? The short answer is yes, they do. If so, how can a man win the heart of a Nordic beauty? This is a more complex question. Keep reading this article to learn how to date Scandinavian women.

Top dating tips to win a heart of a Scandinavian girl

What do you think about the courtship? If you believe that a man is supposed to be a knight who saves a princess from her tower, Scandinavian countries are the worst place to find a girlfriend ever. You shouldn’t expect these ladies to wait for a prince to kill a dragon – they’ll handle this without assistance.

Moreover, a “princess” from any of these lands is likely to visit a prince’s palace, have a cup of coffee, talk with him a bit, and if she likes him, she’ll ask him out. Yes, these girls aren’t afraid to be proactive, and yes, a lot of men like this, especially if they are tired of women who never text them first. What else a guy needs to know about these beauties? A lot of things, actually, so let’s get started!

Flowers, gifts & compliments are optional

how to date Scandinavian wonan?

So, you’re going to meet Scandinavian ladies, choose the one you like most and start to date her. That’s a great idea. Just let us clear up one point. Imagine that you’re going on a date with one of these girls. What does it look like? Do you imagine yourself sitting in front of her and giving her a nice gift? Or maybe you see yourself telling her something about her beautiful blue eyes that are like the ocean in which you’re glad to drown… Do you see her taking a huge bouquet of roses and smiling? Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

We’re not trying to say that you cannot tell her something really cute or give her a nice small gift – just don’t make this your main strategy. It could work if you were dating a Russian girl, but you shouldn’t expect a Norwegian woman or one of the Swedish girls to be impressed with this. In the best-case scenario, she’ll think that a guy who tries to win her heart using such archaic methods is weird. This is certainly not the best way to make a girl fall for you.

Bowling is better than 5-star restaurant

This is another crucially important thing to consider. Many successful men believe that the luxurious restaurant is the best place to impress a girl. They are right, but this approach doesn’t work anywhere in the world. In particular, it doesn’t work with Scandinavian nations. Swedish girls, as well as Norwegian and Danish women don’t care about the values of other women and don’t really like some things that impress other girls. Luxury restaurants are certainly one of them.

They like small pubs, casual, warm and friendly atmosphere, bowling alley and pizzerias where people can relax and enjoy a conversation. They think that putting on an evening dress and having dinner in a place that looks like Louvre is too much for a date.

Forget about dark, offensive, misogynist jokes

Please note that these ladies never make fun of equality, tolerance, and human rights. They take all this more than just seriously. They truly believe in these values. Of course, disrespect to them will not help you to win the heart of one of these gorgeous ladies.

Be yourself

Yes, this phrase has already become the cliché. You can see it everywhere on the web, from Facebook communities to models’ Instagram profiles. The problem is that people usually say this phrase without paying much attention to what it really means. This just sounds nice and really inspiring – this is what people really think.

However, this is the most useful advice when it comes to dating a Scandinavian girl. These ladies never pretend to be someone else, hide anything they think is important, make an impression on someone, and so on and so forth. They’re never ashamed of themselves. They don’t want to be Angelina Jolie or Huda Kattan or Hillary Clinton. No wonder they do not want to date a guy who is pretending to be James Bond or Indiana Jones or Mark Zuckerberg at the same time.

They want to date someone real, someone, who is confident enough to be himself.

Appreciate flowers, warm words and other cute romantic gestures

Wait a minute, we told you that you should not try to win her heart by giving her huge bouquets, telling that good old heartfelt things about love and doing that romantic stuff. Well, we are not trying to go back on our word. We just want to say that you should not be surprised when she gives you a bouquet at your birthday party. Of course, this may seem weird, but it is absolutely normal for local girls. No, this happens not because they act like men and want men to act like women, not at all.

The thing is this region is the place where equality is the most respected value. It is just normal for them not to think that men are the ones who make nice gestures, say the words of love, give gifts, and yes, even flowers. So, it is okay for you when men and women pay attention to each other, when both buy cute gifts, when both invest in a relationship, this will not be a problem.

What about online dating with Scandinavian women?

dating Hot Scandinavian Girl

A lot of American guys, as well as men from other countries are dreaming of Scandinavian beauties. Of course, not all of them are ready to move to Norway, Sweden or Denmark to meet a girl. By the way, even the men who move there need to interact with girls online, at least at the beginning of their relationship. Why? Tinder is incredibly popular in this country, and most singles try to talk a few times online before they finally meet in person. Therefore, online dating can be really useful for all guys seeking to date these beauties.

Frankly, the rules are pretty much the same. Shortly, you need to be yourself, respect her values, forget about more traditional ways to win a girl’s heart (bouquets, pretentious speeches about love, etc.) Still, we want to sum up everything we have already said and provide some more great tips that can make you a star of any Scandinavian website with lots of hot blondes.

  • It is normal for girls to initiate conversations, so enjoy! Still, it is not an excuse for being inert - text all girls you like. This is a dating site, so contacting many people is normal until you finally find the best woman in the whole Scandinavia and decide to build a relationship with her.
  • Try not to sound like a greeting card or like a hopeless romantic. Be a normal guy – that is more than enough.
  • A meaningful, cute gifts (yes, there are the sites that provide gift delivery services) are appreciated, but do not try to buy her - these women do not like when men act like this.
  • Initiating sexting is a bad idea. These girls know what they want, and if your online girlfriend thinks that your relationship is getting serious and that you two are close enough to get even closer, she will let you know.
  • Do not try to attract her by telling how rich and successful you are. This can work with a money-hungry girl from a poor country, and not with a confident woman from one of the wealthiest countries of the world.
  • Be honest. This is the last recommendation, but it is the most important advice, actually - if you are looking for a serious relationship with a Scandinavian woman, do not lie to her. Yes, we know that nobody is honest on the Internet. Be an exception, and you will live happily and ever after.

Final thoughts

So, how to date Scandinavian women? In short, you need to be a regular guy. Yes, this easy, especially if you are from the Western world where people value equality and tolerance. These women know how to take care of themselves, but this makes them neither masculine nor unattractive. Actually, they are just more open, sincere, optimistic, strong, and in our opinion (and in the opinion of lots of guys worldwide) this makes them even more attractive.

The rules are simple: be respectful, be tolerant, forget about stereotypes and be yourself. Girls from other places want to get more and offer less than girls in Scandinavia. We don’t claim that anyone would be happy to have a Scandinavian wife, but if you have the same values and views on life, you can find your love in one of these magnificent countries.