5 Mistakes when dating with Slavic brides

There are 13 Slavic countries, including Slovakia, Belarus, and Russia. These countries stand out because they have different features from other places around the world. One of their most distinguishing factors is their women, who are beautiful and often desired by men. But before you set out to woo these ladies, here are five mistakes to avoid.

slavic dating

1. Being unserious about dating

These ladies are very focused on everything they do, from their careers to their relationships. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to woo a Slavic woman without any real intentions. Never string her along.

Likewise, saying I love you when you don’t really mean it can ruin your relationship forever. Even after you develop the feelings, she may be unwilling to listen to you because of your bad record. If you’re unsure about your feelings, start by building a simple relationship with her. Be her friend until you are ready to move to the next phase.

2. Not paying attention to her

Another mistake that men make is thinking it’s easier to keep a Slavic girl than it is to get her. The truth is that maintaining a relationship with one of these ladies is often harder than starting one, to begin with. They require – and often demand – a lot of love and attention. If you spend two hours with her every day before your relationship, she’ll expect double that time after you start dating.

The same thing goes for other gestures like gifts and sweet words. You simply cannot slack off just because she agreed to be with you. Remember that tons of men are after her. You’ll need to step up your game if you want to keep her love and attention.

dating Slavic women

3. Ignoring her financial independence

Women love men who support them financially; this is not news. However, you can go overboard by being too supportive. Slavic brides love to do things themselves. If they see a dress they like, being able to afford it is a thing of pride for them. As a result, you may go wrong when you try to buy everything for her.

Another thing is assuming she doesn’t need you at all. While they are independent, they still love to be pampered and adored. Not contributing to her life is counter to this, and it may lead to friction in your relationship. The key is to find a balance between what she wants from you and what she wishes she could afford on her own.

4. Assuming she’s in love with you

Slavic brides get hundreds of proposals from men who want to date and marry them. Sometimes, the requests get so overwhelming that they simply prefer to be alone for some time. That’s why it’s so ridiculous to believe that a Slavic lady is in love with you when you haven’t demonstrated any commitment.

Some people believe that these ladies will accept any man that comes their way, but that’s clearly false. You should focus on showing her how much you adore her. If you’re going to have a fruitful relationship with her, it’s equally important that she loves you as much as you love her.

5. Thinking she’s stupid

All women hate being underestimated simply because they are women. Slavic brides hate it even more. The reason is that these ladies are very intelligent, and they like other people to know it. They often invest a lot of time and energy in their education, and they go to great lengths to become successful.

Brushing her intelligence to the side is one of the most grievous things you can do. It’s even more offensive than assuming she’s in love with you. Slavic women need to be treated with love, affection and a little bit of respect. If you do this, they are sure to return the favor multiple folds.