Why Do Ukrainian Women Like American Men? The Secrets Of The Western Popularity

Ukrainian Women Like American Men

If many men dream of seducing Ukrainian girls, the reverse is also true. Many foreign women are also seeking love with a foreigner. For a Western man, the attraction to Ukrainian girls is based on many stereotypes, whether these are founded or not.

But what exactly are the reasons why girls may not like the men of their country? Why do they absolutely wish to find love with a foreign man? Do Ukrainian men not suit them? Is it a way for these girls to leave their country?

First, we have to put things in perspective. When it is defined that a significant number of women are looking for a foreign boyfriend or husband, it is only 1 or 2% of Ukrainian girls. However, considering the population of the country, that makes at least 500,000 women. This number is enormous and concerns only Ukraine.

So, let's see the main reasons which can push the Ukrainian women to go for a romantic relationship with a foreigner. Of course, there are thousands of reasons. Here, we are only going to talk about the leading causes that we consider the most important.

Westerns are real men

It is no secret that Western men are more serious and responsible. Virility, strength, and charm are also remarkable, but what matters here is reliability. A woman must always be able to count on her partner's help. For example, if a woman's car is out of order, and she is stuck on the highway in panic, a Western man would not hesitate to leave everything behind and go to save her. A common Ukrainian man, however, would simply call the tow truck.

American men earn more

Now don't think badly right away. As you know, Ukrainian ladies are not looking for men who make much money, but solely for a partner who earns enough to lead a normal life together. Did you know that a man's average monthly salary in Ukraine is less than $500? Besides, Ukrainian men generally do nothing to earn more. No wonder that these girls wear simple but high-quality clothes and pay close attention to their appearance. They do that to preserve their beauty for the right man!

Western men are much calmer

Ukrainian men become hysterical over trifles. They throw the dishes on the floor and take it out on their women. Such situations remain etched in the minds of Ukrainian mail order brides, who simply don't want to know any more about Ukrainian men and their sudden mood swings. This is why calm Western men have the upper hand.

The unfortunate economic situation in Ukraine

It is challenging for a woman to make a successful career in Ukraine because the best-paid jobs generally go to men.

For a girl who does not want to couple with a Ukrainian man, the prospects for the future are quite limited. In almost all cases, the Ukrainian lady will have to be content with a job that will barely allow her to meet her basic needs.

That is why some girls consider finding love with someone from another country as an option to improve their standard of living. Some women do it only for money, and they should be avoided, but many seek sincere and genuine love. Very few women in Ukraine are looking for a Western man just to have sex. This subject is still taboo for many people in Ukraine.

Ukrainian men are suffering from bad habits, unlike American men

As you may know, Ukrainian men love to spend their evening's time with a bottle of beer. Ukrainian brides are not so happy about this habit. Yes, men do their best to spend more time with beer and football matches with friends. But, unfortunately, if things are developing better, this does not mean that Ukrainian men are perfect. For many Ukrainian men, the woman should stay at home, take care of the children, and not complain. If some girls accept this fact, most intelligent women do not want a life like this.

A significant number of women refuse life, which is supposed to be in Ukraine. They want to be free and independent. Ukrainian ladies are willing to get a prestigious work and do whatever they want in their spare time. Hence, for these ladies, the choice of a Ukrainian husband is out of the question.

The exotic character of American men is so magnetic

Another interesting fact to note is the exotic that a foreigner can provide. For someone, exotic is mainly people who come from tropical places. For a lady, these are Western men.

As an American man, you will be an absolute ideal for Ukrainian women. You will be considered romantic, warm, and respectful. By being an American man, you probably have the nationality that most stirs up female fantasies.

Also, you will be associated with men who have a high standard of living. And this is a point that cannot be overlooked. If you are a successful man who can provide a high-quality life, it will help a lot to seduce a Ukrainian bride. But note you must also be careful when communicating with these ladies. These girls don't appreciate very unpleasant surprises.

A wedding with a Western man is prestigious

Unfortunately, Ukraine is a country where poverty is still widespread — even if it is a developing country.

Marriage with American man will be a source of pride for her if her fiance comes from a "prestigious" nation, as well as a real opportunity to leave the country and to land in the coveted West.

Western men love women of all ages

There are thousands and even millions of Ukrainian singles who are willing to marry Western men. These ladies feel lucky when they have husbands. Ukrainian men are very spoiled, and they can choose a girl for marriage from a wide variety because the number of single women in Ukraine is much more than men. If a woman reaches the age of 30 or more, she can't find a husband. If a 30-year-old girl is divorced and has children, then the lady cannot find a husband. This is one of the reasons why thousands of Ukrainian women believe that Western men are better.

American men are more liberal

Ukrainian girls believe that Western men are more liberated than Ukrainian men. These ladies believe that American men treat women with much more respect. Thousands of these brides marry American men every year. On the other hand, thousands of single men are attracted to Ukrainian women because they believe that these brides are beautiful and more loyal in terms of relationship and marriage. Also, another reason why these girls prefer American husbands is that there are more opportunities for them to work and earn money than in Ukraine.

Western men are well-dressed

Ukrainian women are willing to get in touch with the man who has proper attire on a date. Note that a decent outfit does not necessarily mean a tie suit. It can mean a casual outfit. These ladies love Western men whose casual attire is clean and adaptable to multiple situations and a first date location. Note if you have a first meet with a Ukrainian lady, arrive with an ironed garment, and not all wrinkled.

Often, these women have the facility to judge a person by his clothing. By having a casual but clean outfit, this demonstrates several positive points in Western men. For example, it shows that you pay special attention to yourself. Ukrainian lady will note this accurately.

As for accessories, it is not mandatory, but often, adding a beautiful watch and even a discreet chain adds a lot of value. American men always use perfumes. This small addition is so pleased to these ladies. Body odor is significant for them.

American men take care of their physical appearance

Foreign men are always clean. They pay great attention to their hair, wash it, and avoid excess (too much) "hair gel."

Sure, they are not "muscle men," but they are merely keeping fit. Strolling, jogging, outdoor sports, or weight training are the habits that are highly appreciated by Ukrainian women. And this one of the reasons why these ladies prefer Western men instead of Ukrainian.

American guys have a magnetic look

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Sometimes a look is everything, and you can only play on it. American man looks in the eye when he talks to the bride or gives her a compliment. He places the focus solely on it and doesn't look everywhere, but watches in her eyes.

American men always stay 'themselves'

American men do not play games, especially do not try to imitate another person as they know that the truth will catch up they sooner or later, and it won't necessarily be in their favor.

They are proud of who they are and talk about their passions and strengths. Western men always fuel discussions so that all of them follow one another naturally. Ukrainian brides know that foreign men are simple and gentle at the same time.

A little touch of Westerns' humor

All Ukrainian brides love humor. They love to laugh and have fun. Western men always have a good joke. They know the places where their jokes are relevant. But note that these men do not cut a serious discussion to say a joke. They wait for the right time. American humor attracts these brides.

Western men are stable and ambitious

These brides don't want men who don't do anything. That is why Western man is an excellent couple for each bride.

They show ambition to become the director of a company.

Also, men demonstrate the joy of living, romanticism, and what is more crucial Western men always open the door for the ladies and let them go first. Occasionally they buy roses or a bouquet of flowers. So, what else does a woman need to become happy?

Where do Ukrainian women try to find love with foreign men?

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A Ukrainian woman who is looking for a foreigner can use several means to achieve her ends.

First, she can visit the country that interests her. And once there, she may try to get to know the locals.

Ukrainian ladies can also participate in various international meetings that take place in men’s country. But in general, in this type of meeting, you will have a ton of other men with whom you will have to compete. It's not really the best place to find a loving relationship.

Another way is online dating. It is recommended to use reliable dating sites that specialize in Ukrainian women. These are sites that are specially designed for Ukrainian women who want to meet a foreigner.

Final thoughts

Ukrainian brides are more than willing to find their right Western men. As was mentioned only 1 or 2% of the girls are looking for love with foreign men even.

As an American man, you benefit from a lot of positive stereotypes. Do not hesitate to use them wisely to increase your chances when trying to attract a girl.

Remember that Ukraine is still a fairly conservative country. Try to behave correctly and respectfully towards Ukrainian girls. Just because you're an American man doesn't mean you can afford it something wrong. If you misbehave, the girl will send you out for a ride pretty quickly.