Anastasia Date Dating Site: Do You Need An Account There?

During our analysis we have considered the following things:

  • Registration and login processes;
  • Profiles’ structure and quality;
  • Pricing;
  • Real reviews of users;
  • Services that the platform provides, and so on.

What’s good and what’s bad about the site?

Let’s start with the most general things and summary of our review - pros and cons of Anastasia Date website.


  • Good reputation
  • Huge number of members
  • All the existing communication means (calls, video chat, messaging, etc.)
  • Detailed FAQ
  • Search tool has plenty of filters
  • Interpreting service
  • Convenient site’s structure
  • Almost no ads (only one or two ad bars on the left frame of the site)
  • The majority of the profiles are verified


  • Quite high prices
  • Pop-ups may be annoying for some users

Everything about members

Anastasia Date claims to have millions of members, but we saw only 2,500-3,000 women online in the evenings - and it is the best time to communicate with them. Taking into consideration the fact that there are women from Slavic countries, we may say that some girls just cannot be online if it is 2 A.M in their region. Still, it does not seem like there are millions of people registered on this site.



First of all - you can sign in via Google. Don’t be afraid of someone stealing any of your private info: the site’s system will need only your name, birth date, and profile photo (if there is any in your Google account). If you don’t want to use Google account to register, you can sign in in another way. Here are the steps you should take to join the AD website:

  1. Enter your name, gender, and email in the special form on the main page of the site.
  2. Confirm your email. If you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox, check the Spam messages: when a member of our team registered, his email appeared in this very folder.
  3. Start browsing the website!

The registration is free and anyone above 18 can become a member. On AnastasiaDate there is no special Personality Test that members can take during the registration: you should only confirm the email and start your online dating journey. Moreover, you do not even need to confirm the email: you can have a look at the website’s services, interface, and database free of charge and immediately after the registration, without even opening your e-mail messages. You do not have to verify your identity as well, but you should definitely do it if you want to find a partner as early as possible.

Quality of profiles


Profile is the most interesting part to discuss. There are so many details the users can add to their profiles that it will be hard to describe them all in a few words, but we are here not to take a lot of your time so we will try to shorten our text.

So, in the profiles of Anastasia Date members you will see the following details (if users added them, of course):

  1. Name, birthday, and location are obligatory information, so you can see it in any personal page;
  2. Description of appearance (color of eyes, hair, weight and height);
  3. Level of education;
  4. Attitude to drinking and smoking;
  5. Current marital status (never been in marriage, divorced, etc.);
  6. Occupation;
  7. Whether or not the owner of the profile has children;
  8. Level of English and other languages, if any.
  9. Reasons for joining Anastasia Date (marriage, to find a partner who is good with children, a long term relationship, a penpal relationship, companionship while visiting other countries, exploring singles worldwide, etc.)

Anastasia Date allows people to describe their personality in detail by themselves. There are such sections as Character, Interests, and Her Type Of Men/His Type Of Women. Additionally, there may be up to 4 photos in a profile: you can download pics depicting you to your page as well.

In ladies’ profiles there are their Interviews: any woman may answer some questions about her favorite things, such as movies, color, flowers, sports to play, favorite food to make, etc. You can find an Interview of a woman you like in her profile, under the Photo Gallery section.

We do not provide the screenshots of the full profile look to keep the women’s private information safe. They would not register on a premium dating site if they wanted to post their best photos and all the info on an open source.

Costs and membership prices

The platform offers 1 month of the trial period. It should be noted that after that period a user will lose access to all the features on the site, including those that we listed as free in Free Based Features paragraph. If a user fails to purchase a membership after a month, his/her profile will be deactivated.

Prices for credits

The cost of membership is $9.99 - this is the sum you should have on your balance to continue using the website. If you want to buy additional credits, you can purchase the packages of them. The more credits you buy, the less you pay for one credit.

The current prices on credits are as follows:

16 credits
100 credits

Services and features

Anastasia Date offers a great range of services, and what is nice is that the majority of them are free. Still, this site should be considered as paid, because the features that you will need the most are paid.

Free based features (during the Trial Period!)

        • Registration + filling out the personal page;
        • Accessing Help Center (FAQ) - you can access the Help Center even if you are not a member;
        • Ability to change your profile;
        • Browsing of members' profiles;
        • Reading the incoming messages;
        • Responding to messages from members with a positive balance on the account;
        • Using Search. You can make your own set of filters and then receive Newest Members’ profiles that match the parameters you mentioned;
        • Adding profiles to the list of Favorites;
        • Viewing pop-up messages;
        • Printing anyone’s profile with all the photos and basic info.

Fee based features

        • Viewing private photos. You do not need to pay for opening each picture in profile: the only thing you should do to view private photos is to start communication with a person who has posted these photos.
        • Communication. Any type of communication is paid, i.e. you will need credits for calls, instant chat, video chat, sending gifts, etc;
        • Sending virtual gifts;
        • Gifts and flower delivery.

Communication and making contact + prices


Anastasia Date is a premium website and it offers a wide communication services range. After the registration, you can replenish your account and use all of the features that the site provides. You will be able to make contacts using the following methods:

        1. Basic Chat (1 credit per minute);
        2. Video Chat (up to 6 credits per minute);
        3. Email (10 credits each);
        4. Call (you can use phone reservation feature or enjoy direct calls via a mobile app). What’s interesting about this feature is that you can get free minutes for the time you spend talking, i.e. if you talk from 1 to 11 minutes, you will get 1 minute added to your next call; if you talk from 12 to 21 minutes, you will get 2 minutes, and so on. You may order interpreter service and have your conversation translated if your lady does not speak English.
        5. Sending/viewing photos or videos (15 credits each);
        6. Sending virtual gifts (15 credits per each, and the present will remain on member’s profile for 7 days).

Ease of use

The first-timers will have no problems with Anastasia Date: its interface is simple and looks (as well as works) just like all the other dating sites. If you experience any problems with using the website, you can read the official FAQ of the platform. The FAQ was designed for people to use as a search system, so you can just type some words that describe your problem and the needed articles will be listed under the input field.

Mobile app

The owners of Android devices can download Anastasia Date mobile application using Google Play, and those who have iOS devices will find this app on iTunes. Anyone can download the app for free.

Anti-scam protection and safety

The website has two major security certificates - McAfee and Norton which guarantee that you will be protected from any malware and that your data will never be sent to any third parties. Additionally, this website is constantly scanned, so you can be sure that its protection is constantly updated and checked.

This platform claims zero tolerance to scam and fake profiles, and the team of moderators is constantly browsing the site searching for suspicious or dead personal pages. The support reacts to the complaints quickly, so if you experience any troubles when communicating with someone, you can contact the consultants and tell them everything you want and ask for help.

Customer support and help

Users can reach Customer Support via toll-free numbers and email (you can see them in the next paragraph). It is great that the company has thought about people all around the world and made it possible to call them if there are any urgent questions: it is a rare feature on dating sites.

If you are not in a hurry with solving your problem or answering your question, you can send the support team an email that describes the issue you need to discuss in detail. Remember that it may take up to 24 hours to get an answer.

Contact information

        • Company Name: SOL Networks Limited
        • Address: 71, Level 4&5, Tower Road, Silema, Malta
        • E-Mail:
        • Phone-Hotline (toll-free numbers of the support): US +1(800)356-3130, 234-0036, Europe: 0-800-0000-1533

How to delete an account on Anastasia Date?

There is no such option on the site as deleting the profile. However, you can just stop funding your account with credits and it will be deactivated. The administration may delete a deactivated account, but it happens only after a considerable length of time for you to be able to come back to the site, purchase the membership, and use your account again. However, if you want your account to be deleted, you may contact the support team and ask them to do that for you.

What else does Anastasia Date offer?


The administration keeps the users of the site informed about any new features, services, and other changes including prices. All the updates are posted on the News & Updates page, so check it from time to time to be aware of everything that’s going on on AD site.

Our findings

We have said that our opinion on this platform has changed after the review. We thought that it could be good; well, we were mistaken - it was great. Anastasia Date with so many real success stories, mentions in the media, widest range of services, and simple interface can make anyone’s online dating experience positive, even if one doesn’t find the needed partner. We will not say that Anastasia Date is perfect. We will say that it will give you all the services and mood that you may need on an online dating site. Give it a try and check its services by yourself - this platform is worth your time.

Is there a free trial on this site?

Yes, Anastasia Date offers a free trial. You can enjoy using the site for a month with limited access to the features: for example, you will be able to browse the profiles and change your profile, but communication features will still be paid.

How can I reach the support team?
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Is there a way to get credits for free?
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