Sometimes, numerous options turn making a choice into a challenge. This is true for dating sites – choosing one of them is not an easy task, especially if you are dreaming of marriage and want to find a future spouse abroad.

UkraineBrides4you claims to be one of the platforms that can help singles meet each other. According to the team of this site, or should we say the team of the Qpid network (this is one of its family websites classified as Slavic platform), they give men a real chance to change their lives for the better with a hot and loving wife. But does this system work? We made this UkraineBride4You review to explain all the nuances related to it and help our readers make a decision.


  • Real & friendly Ukrainian mail order brides
  • Almost half a million members are active weekly
  • Signing up takes up to 5 minutes
  • A lot of ways to contact someone on the site
  • Free search
  • Profile verification available
  • Lots of unique features (some of them are free)
  • The site encourages member to verify profiles


  • Some pictures are not available to all users
  • Not all profiles are verified
  • The site could be easier to use

Who are members of

Who are people who choose Ukraine Brides 4 You and do you really need to become one of them? This question is more complicated than you think it is. There is a nuance – this website is part of CharmDate – the network of the sites that work with Slavic ladies for marriage. In fact, all the sites have not only the same target audience – members of these platforms automatically become members of other communities of the subnetwork. Is it good or bad?

We believe that this is definitely a good thing, just because a member can contact more people. Only in America, over a half a million men use these services. The precise number of females is unknown, but we investigated the site and learned two things. Firstly, the gap between the number of men and women is not as huge as many third parties claim. Secondly, there are women for all tastes, and they are very sociable, so every single guy has a quite good chance to find a wife there.

Profiles on UkraineBrides4You


Profiles should give you a clear understanding of a few things, which are as follows:

  • What a girl looks like;
  • How she moves, talks, looks in video (optional but preferred);
  • What her background is (education, religion, marital status);
  • What she expects from life (hobbies and interests);
  • What she expects from her partner, etc.

In general, Ukraine Brides 4 You meets all the criteria we listed above. We liked the way the information is organized, and we definitely like the amount of info, pics, and videos in the ladies’ profiles. You need to spend a few minutes reading it and browsing photos, but you really can understand who this bride is, albeit in general terms.

Registration and login process

Registration process on UkraineBrides4you is very similar to the registration process on any other site. The system is simple: you visit the website, find the form (this is the only thing you see on the main page), provide some basic info (name, birth date, email), it is checked by the administration, and you get your account.

After that, you can do anything you want: edit your profile, add more info, upload photos, browse women’s pics (unless they are private), and reach support. However, as you have probably guessed, you cannot use the site for its intended purpose without upgrading your account and paying for some of the special services.

Costs and membership prices

Here, there is the VIP plan, also known as Premium plan, that can be bought for less than 10 dollars and credits that are spent to use certain services. Premium includes a few greeting Mails you can send to any person on the site you have never contacted before, half an hour in chat, and the opportunity to browse any photos, including private ones. If you want to use other services or if you run out of free mails, you can purchase credits, equivalents to real money.

2 credits (for everyone else)
16 credits
100 credits

We should pay special attention to the loyalty program just because it really allows saving money. You can get bonuses for certain actions you take on the site, for example, for adding more info about yourself, or for making purchases, and then they can be used just like credits. There are discounts for newcomers, and that is especially significant – you can test the services before you make a big buy.


In general, there are two main categories of services – the service you pay for and the features offered for free. What is the difference between them, and does paying money make any sense on Ukrainebrides4you? Let us take a look.

Services available to everyone

What can people who just joined the site do?

  1. Edit profile, upload pictures
  2. See other members’ accounts, browse their pictures
  3. Reach the Customer Care department
  4. See matches
  5. Use Match Q & A
  6. Use search (both types of search, actually)
  7. Get bonus points and spend them on paid services

In fact, Ukrainebrides4you is even more generous than many of its competitors. Still, we understand that the site encourages people to use special features, so what are they?

Special services


Here are the fee-based features:

  • 2-way video chat
  • Access to all pics you can find on the platform
  • Quick response from the Customer Care department
  • Emails
  • Presents (perfumes, flowers, chocolates, etc.)
  • Virtual presents (cute cards)
  • Texting

Some special features (that can be either free or fee-based) deserve special attention, and we described them in more detail below.


The good news is that every member can use the quick search to find members who meet his basic criteria. This is how he can see all the possible matches. We also like the filters – you can not only someone of a certain age living in a certain country but also select the interests of a possible match. Special attention should be paid to a member’s status – you can find the members who are online right now or the members who use CamShare and/or are available for calls.

Match Questions and Answers

In our opinion, modern technologies are supposed to allow us to find perfect matches - the people who really can make us happy, and not just men or women who like the things that you like. Fortunately, the administration of this network shares our views on this issue – on this site, you can not only give your own answers on pretty interesting psychological questions but also see the answers of every woman whose profile you browse. Your responses show what kind of person you need, and this allows the platform to find the best candidates for you. You can also see how many and which of your answers match. By the way, answers can be changed later.


These are not just the regular calls you can make the endless time a day. These are the calls through the site to another country, and in our opinion, this feature is just amazing. We believe this is a great service because you do not call anyone directly, and no one can call you, and therefore, your privacy is fully protected. Moreover, you can schedule your calls if you want to or make instant calls if you feel the spontaneous desire to talk to someone (who is available for such calls.)


There are virtual presents, or simply put, the cute cards with warm words and the real presents that can be delivered to any place in any of the Eastern European countries. Some might argue that it is not really impressive because a significant part of niche sites provide such kinds of services, but the range of various items and particularly flowers on UkraineBrides4You is the widest selection we have ever seen.

Communication on UkraineBrides4You

The next important question is how members can contact each other, and well, we have already mentioned all the tools before. Still, let us list them one more time:

  • 2-way video chat
  • Texting
  • Calls
  • Say Hi (can be used for free 2 times a day and only with a member you have not contacted before)
  • Emails

It may seem that this is just a set of standard functions, but it is not. Many competitors of UkraineBrides4You do not provide 3-4 services from this list!

No wonder we think that this is a good place to find a spouse – there are plenty of ways to make contacts and keep in touch.

What can be said about the site? Frankly, we saw the worse platforms, and we saw better sites. You definitely need to spend a few days on the site to remember where you need to click and how many times you need to do it to reach FAQ or gallery of members’ videos. The design is okay; at least, it is not annoying. However, we understand that it exists since 1988, and it would be impossible to change it completely, and after all, you still can use it without much difficulty. Hence, it gets a B for navigation and design.

UkraineBrides4You mobile app

If you use your iPhone or Android smartphone more often than your laptop, you can download the app of the whole network for free. The same functions, good interface, and all your contacts – you can get all this with a few clicks.


Another thing that makes us think that UkraineBride4You is quite a good option is that it has a clear, easy-to-understand privacy policy. No fine line, no complicated language, just facts. The good news is the site uses innovative software and hires real people to check the profiles, so it can be considered a safe platform.

Customer Care team

You can reach Customer Care Team by filling in the form on the website, making a call or sending an email. All contacts can be found below.

How do users rate this site

“There is the only thing I know about dating sites. It’s always a lottery and I finally think that I can win. This site isn’t perfect, not at all, but there is a huge benefit - I finally can talk to real women without feeling like a money bag. I still meet gold diggers here from time to time but I met a few ladies who really care about my personality, not only about my annual income.” (Kevin, 39)

“I didn’t even think of getting married a few years ago but being in my fifties showed me that everyone needs a family. I’m extremely grateful for helping me finding my dear spouse in such a short time. I never thought that family life is such a blessing, thank you guys for making this happen!” (John, 52)

Contact information

Name: Qpid Network

Address: 75 Shelton Street London, LONDON WC2H, GB


Hotline: 1-800-801-3129

How to remove profile on UkraineBrides4You


To remove your account, you need to find the ‘Management’ section (take a look at the screenshot) and click on ‘My Settings.’ Then, you will need to find the ‘Switch Off’ button on the left side of the page and press it. You will see one question about your reason to leave the site, and you cannot proceed without answering it. After that, you will need to confirm that the owner of the account wants to delete it by entering the password, and your account and your information will be removed from UkraineBrides4You.

Our findings

UkraineBrides4you provides all kinds of services that have been ever provided by dating platforms, from CamShare and phone calls to gift delivery. Who knows, maybe the best things are yet to come. However, even now this network and in particular, can be considered one of the best dating sites working with, pardon the tautology, Ukrainian brides.

Is Ukraine Brides 4 You free?

UkraineBrides4You is part of the huge network. None of its platforms is entirely free. The company takes another approach – it provides some services for free and offers singles to pay for other features. We listed all paid and free services in our review.

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