Some people think that marriage is just a vestige, while others believe that marriage is not only one of the most important social institutions but also the key to happiness. Generally speaking, men who fall under the second category usually prefer to do something to reach their goal, and a large part of them choose mail order brides site to find a girl who meets all their expectations.

If you know for sure what qualities you are looking for in a woman, you will need to find a good dating platform. claims to be one of the trusted sites where only real Ukrainian women can be found. But is that indeed the case? Our experts made this Ukrainian Girl review to provide you with facts and the results of careful analysis of this dating platform and to help you find your own right answer to this question.

Benefits & downsides


  • Opportunity to meet a real girl from Ukraine
  • A huge target audience
  • Video chat & phone calls
  • Lots of great special features
  • A huge gallery of photos and videos
  • Ladies are active and actually respond to the messages
  • Opportunity to get free membership
  • Bonuses and discounts
  • Good customer support service


  • You need to buy credits when using mobile app
  • New members cannot contact others for free right after they sign up
  • There are many more men than women on the site

Members of


Who are women on Ukrainian Girl? Obviously, these are ladies living in Ukraine. However, considering that this site belongs to the Qpid network, you can also find Russian girls there. Unfortunately, there are more men than women on the platform, and the difference is really big – about 10 men accounting for 1 woman. Still, girls there respond to messages, and that is the good news for a guy looking for marriage.

We used search to understand what kind of woman a man is likely to meet there. We found out that we just cannot find the right answer to this question because though there are fewer girls, the selection of never married or divorced, young or mature, girls dreaming of children or ladies who already have children and do not want to have more, is really wide.

Quality of profiles


We indicated profiles as one of the benefits of using What made us do it? Well, here are the things you can see in nearly every profile on the website:

    • A lot of public and private photos
    • Videos (not always but often)
    • Most important basic info like education or religion
    • All the girl’s interests
    • A girl’s short essay that contains info about her match (almost always)

Seems a regular thing, right? You would be surprised to know how rare such detailed profiles are. Just take a look at the screenshots – they really help understand what particular girl is like, and it means that they perform their main function perfectly.



Anyone can sign up for for free, and we decided to check how fast and easy the process is. Well, we could avoid disappointments. Every adult male user who wants to find someone special on the site just needs to enter his name and email, select the birth date, and create a password (we would not recommend to choose the weak one.)

Here should be noted again that UkrainianGirl is the part of the network, even the subnetwork called CharmDate. So do not be surprised to see this domain name after you click on ‘Sign Up.’ Your profile will be checked and if your data seems relevant and if your email is real, you will be able to get started.

Costs & membership prices

On, you need to have a Premium membership and, in most cases, at least a few credits to use the services. VIP membership is not so expensive – it will cost you only $9.99 (a few emails, browsing private photos, and 20 minutes of the chat are included.) It can even be received for free, just for the first purchase of credits or for buying any 3 packs of credits each month. Here are the costs:

2 credits (for all the rest)
16 credits
100 credits (the best offer, the biggest discount)

This is not cheap, but at least members pay for a wide range of quite good services.

Services and features

Just like a lot of other similar websites, Ukrainian Girl is the site where a member who just joined the community and did not pay for anything can test some free features, but he will still have to spend some money sooner or later. Simply put, there are services anyone can use, and there are services only people who pay can use. Let us take a glance at the services from both categories.

Free services

Here are the things you can do for free:

  • Set up an account, edit it at any time
  • Use search
  • Upload your photo
  • Browse other people’s photos (except for private pics)
  • Use Match Q&A feature

It is obvious that as a free user, you can do anything except for having conversations with other users. That, however, is quite typical for sites focused this region.

Special features

Here are the things you will pay for:

  • Instant chatting, including texting with new members
  • See private pictures
  • More attention from the customer support team
  • Send gifts
  • 2-way video-chat
  • Scheduling calls and making instant calls

Most of these services are not exclusive – almost all sites have Text Chat and allow users exchanging photos (however, we know a few platforms that offer nothing but emailing). However, there are certain things that make stand out.


Say Hi!

We did not include this feature to any of the lists above. Just because it is not paid feature, and you cannot use it as the free service. ‘Say Hi’ is a message you can send to someone you have never contacted before, but you can do it twice a day. If you do not respond to messages members send to you after you say hi, this feature will be no longer available. Still, this is a great way to start communication with a lot of people without paying for the 1st message.

Gift delivery

There is nothing super special about the delivery, even if you need to send something to a foreign country. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the fact that has one of the widest selections of various items in the industry.


You can call a girl from the site just like you usually call your friend, if a girl is available for instant calls. If she is not, you can just schedule it and hear her voice at a particular time. There is another cool option for those who like to accept calls instead of making them – you can schedule the time when other members can call you.

Communication and making contact

How can a male member contact a woman or have a conversation with any of the girls he already knows on Ukrainian Girl? There are plenty of ways to do it, and let us list them all.

  1. Emails. Yes, good old emails work pretty well when it comes to online dating just because a member has a chance to write a thoughtful letter instead of “Hi, how are you?” and pick a woman’s interest.
  2. Chat. It works just great, especially if you two already know something about each other and want to get closer in real time. There are voice messages, emoji, and stickers you can send, as well as photos and videos you can attach and share with another member.
  3. Calls. Yes, you can also call other users. No, the site will never disclose a girl’s phone number with you, as well as your phone number with the other members, and not because this is the evil plan, but because it violates the rule and can endanger a member or cause discomfort. Nevertheless, you can contact a woman on the site by scheduling a call or making an instant call.
  4. Video chat. This chat, also known as CamShare, is the calling card not only of the Ukrainian Girl site but also of the whole network. This is one of the reasons why it is this popular – this is a kind of 100% guarantee that women are real because you can see their faces in real time. Of course, an opportunity to get a bit closer to her and see her smile and hear her voice is the nice thing about it, too.

As you can see, communication services can definitely be considered one of UkrainianGirl’s main benefits.

Is this a good site? Well, yes, basically, it is. Is it super-easy to use dating platform with the best design ever? Not really. As we mentioned before, there are a lot of features you can use on, and therefore there are a lot of different sections and categories on the site. You cannot always find what you need with a few clicks – sometimes, you need to browse pretty many pages to get what you want. The design, in turn, is not something extremely beautiful and innovative. Simply put, both navigation and design are okay, but they could probably be better.

Mobile application of

If you want to use the site on your smartphone, you just need to download the app on Google Play Store or Apple store. Please note that you need the official application – to find the real app, just click the ‘APP’ at the top of your home page on, and you will be redirected to the app’s official page.


Is the site safe? The answer depends on two things: the way the site protects you and the way you protect yourself. The company does everything a good platform has to do to be considered a safe place: encrypts data, use the best software, hires moderators, and cares about a user’s privacy. To feel completely safe, you need to be careful, too: do not disclose your personal information like address, bank card number, phone number, login information, and never send money to anyone.


If you click on ‘Customer Care’ on the home page, you will need to select the category related to the question or questions you have. Then you will see a few suggestions – the questions that have already been answered in the FAQ. If you still have questions, you need to fill in the form and send it to the Customer Support Department. However, this is not the only way to contact them. You can also make a direct call or send an email. Contact details can be found in this review (just scroll down to the ‘Contact information’ section.)

How do users rate this site

“This is the worthwhile site. I finally found the site where women sound like real people with their own interests and views, and not like girls who want to leave at all costs. I have not met my soulmate there yet, but at least I enjoy my conversations.” (Alex, 42)

“I decided to join this site on January, and frankly, I did not even expect something good from it. I had a few, um, very interesting experiences, to say the least. I was tired of dating scam and this was my last attempt to meet someone on the web. Finally, I found real profiles! No wedding so far, but I hope this will change in near future. It is expensive, but at least I understand why I pay money.” (Peter, 48)

Contact information

  • Name: Qpid Network
  • Address: 75 Shelton Street London, LONDON WC2H, Great Britain
  • Email:
  • Hotline: 1-800-801-3129

How to delete account on

How can one remove all his data on Ukrainian Girl? You need to find the ‘Online’ or ‘Search’ sections on the site, click on any of them, and then find the menu on the left of the page. Then, you will need to find the ‘Management’ button and choose ‘My settings.’ In settings, you need to select ‘Switch Off Profile.’ Click on it and follow the further instructions. After you select the reason and enter your password, your data will be removed from

Our findings

So, what is This is one of the sites of the huge network that has already gathered millions of singles worldwide. Does it make it a good site? Well, we believe that it has even more significant advantages. Though the huge audience is one of its biggest benefits, we should not underestimate the importance of phone calls, video calls, professional support team, and real profiles.

Does this all prove that this is the ideal dream site that has no disadvantages? Not really. It could be less pricey (the amount you spend can be significantly lower if you do not forget about the loyalty program, though), and maybe, the site could be a bit better and easier to use. The question is: “Do its benefits outweigh its downsides for you personally?” If they do, the only thing we can say is “Good choice.”

Are members of real?

According to the results of our little research, they are real. We looked through tons of profiles and found out that nearly all of them contain a lot of info about the girls, lots of their photos, and often introductory videos. We contacted five different women and had a few really interesting conversations. Moreover, the site also has CamShare and phone line that is not typical for platforms with fake accounts.

Is Ukrainian Girl safe?
Can I send messages for free?
How to sign up for Ukrainian Girl?
What can I do to protect myself from frauds?