Scandinavian Mail Order Brides Cost: Basic Expenses & Extra Costs

Scandinavian Mail Order Brides cost

We have a confession to make. You cannot buy a Scandinavian girl or a single woman from other country and then make her your wife. So, our article is not exactly about Scandinavian mail order brides cost – it is rather about at the cost of various services one needs to use to meet a Scandinavian girlfriend. What is the difference? It is huge, actually. So, let us take a look at the price an American and Western man needs to pay to meet and marry one of the gorgeous Scandinavian women.

Financial aspects of dating Scandinavian girls

So, can one pay a certain amount of money and get a girl from one of the Scandinavian countries? Of course, he can not! Firstly, equality and women's rights are some of the core values of the Scandinavian societies. It’s pretty hard to imagine than local women who were raised in such a modern, progressive society would sell themselves to “a rich American daddy.”

Nevertheless, there is the price to pay. If you want to date and maybe marry one of these hot blonde girls, you’ll need to pay for dating services (because joining an international website is the most useful way to meet Scandinavian women), visa, hotel, etc. This is the legitimate cost. So, what are the items of expenditure?

Dating website with Scandinavians

cost of dating websites to meet scandinavian bride

Did you know that Scandinavians love Tinder? This is a great app, but if you want to meet ladies who do not mind dating a foreigner and want to get married soon, it is not really helpful. That is why ladies join dating sites. These girls value equality, and they used to take things under control, so there is nothing surprising in their desire to find a man who meets all their requirements.

So what about the prices? In fact, the costs vary. There are cheap websites where users pay only $6-10 per month, there are midrange platforms where you pay $40-90 for communication, and there are expensive websites where you will spend $100-500. Which sites to choose? It is up to you. Just note that if you want to meet brides from these amazing countries, you need to make sure that the site:

  • Has enough females from Scandinavia;
  • Provide high-quality services;
  • Connect people with similar goals (marriage, serious relationships);
  • Provide good support.

Though the cost varies, let us take the average price, for example, $50 per month, and let us move on!

Flight tickets to meet a Scandinavian woman

Let us imagine that you have already met a girl from Scandinavia. Of course, you need to meet each other. Yes, these girls are confident and independent, but we bet you do not want her to think that you are inert, poor and non-independent. So, you need to buy tickets and come to her country.

You can find cheap tickets to all Scandinavian countries – some low-cost airlines have great offers from $300, but the average price is about $500. So, two tickets will cost about $1,000.

Visas to Scandinavian countries

We have the good news for you – you can enter Norway, Sweden or Denmark for up to 90 days for business or tourist purposes without a visa. If you want to stay for more than 90 days, you will need to apply for a tourist visa or a friend or relative visa.

Hotels or apartments in Scandinavia

Of course, the price for hotels varies. Still, we can talk about the average prices in these countries. For example, in Copenhagen, the average price for a couple (if you are dating, it is a good idea to rent a room for a couple) is $150. In Norway, it is a bit cheaper – $110. The average hotel price in Sweden is about 110 dollars, too. Of course, there are a lot of much more expensive as well as a lot of cheaper options in all of these countries. You can spend thousands of dollars per night or find a hostel that provides a bed for $50. The question is if you really need this.

Other expenses

Scandinavian Mail Order Brides Cost

We will not consider the gifts that sweethearts usually give each other on holidays or without any reason. It depends on your personal needs, wishes, on your traditions, etc. We just want to note that you cannot buy a Scandinavian girl in any sense. We mean that these ladies (unlike a lot of brides of other ethnicities, for example, Slavic girls) do not want their boyfriends to be super romantic every single day and do not try to make them send flowers every week or pay the bill in luxurious restaurants. That is why the cost of dinners, expenditures on entertainment, and little trips depends on you.

Still, we can talk about basic expenditures. For example, food for one day is about $30 in Sweden, $30 in Norway, and more than $50 in Denmark. As for public transport, a traveler is likely to spend about $16 in Sweden, about $18 in Norway, and about $60 in Denmark.

Total cost & conclusion

So, let us take a look at all the costs:

  • Dating site – $50 per month, $300 in total (for 6 months of searching and dating).
  • Visa – $0.
  • Tickets (2 trips) – $2,000.
  • Hotels, meals, public transport (for 1 week, 1 trip) – about $1,600 in Sweden, about $1,500 in Norway, and about $2,400 for a couple.

Please note that the price of 1 week of being in one of these countries is for 1 couple, not for 1 person. The thing is though beautiful Scandinavian brides are independent and stand for equality, they do not mind spending a night in a man’s room for two (of course if they are dating him for some time by this moment). Moreover, you are likely to visit interesting places together, so you will need to pay a bit more. Still, if you are not going to pay for her in any circumstances, you can book a single room.

Generally speaking, Scandinavian mail order brides cost or rather an average cost is about $5,300 (includes 2 trips).